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Discovering prehistoric times at dinosaur parks

At the very latest, since the screen adaption of Michael Crichtons bestseller "Jurassic Park" dinosaurs became an all-important topic. Nevermind the primeval giants' extinction (which has been a few years), right today you can marvel at T.Rex, Velociraptor, Brontosaurus and friends - standing as life-size effigies at dinosaur parks.
Besides simply displaying figures surrounded by appropriately themed sceneries, these parks often provide learning facilities where visitors get a lot of information about the giant lizards and their environment.

Random Dinosaur Parks

DinoPark Plzen © DinoPark Plzen
© DinoPark Plzen
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Styrassic Park © Styrassic Park
© Styrassic Park
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Dinopark Funtana
 © Dinopark Funtana
© Dinopark Funtana
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Der herrliche Parkteich © FOTOGRAFISCH-Juliane Mostertz
© FOTOGRAFISCH-Juliane Mostertz
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Dinosaurierpark Münchehagen © Dinosaurierpark Münchehagen
© Dinosaurierpark Münchehagen
Dinosaurierland Rügen
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