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A short leave at Coastal Holiday Park

Sun, beach, sea – these are the three most important ingredients to many families when they think about a successful vacation. At the same time, the desire of self-catering is increasingly demanding.
It is therefore not surprising that holiday resorts gain more and more popularity when they are situated, for example, at the North Sea or Baltic Sea where guests can enjoy the luxury of living in their “own house”, instead of being accommodated in a little hotel room.

Coastal Holiday Parks in the UK

Torquay Holiday Park © Torquay Holiday Park
© Torquay Holiday Park
Holiday Parks
Golden Coast Holiday Village © Golden Coast Holiday Village
© Golden Coast Holiday Village

Trecco Bay Holiday Park © Trecco Bay Holiday Park
© Trecco Bay Holiday Park
Holiday Parks
Tolroy Manor Holiday Park © Tolroy Manor Holiday Park
© Tolroy Manor Holiday Park
Woolacombe Bay Holiday Village © Woolacombe Bay Holiday Village
© Woolacombe Bay Holiday Village

Random Coastal Holiday Parks

 © Center Parcs
© Center Parcs
 © Center Parcs
© Center Parcs

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