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The colourful world of bird parks

Whether the attractive bird parks for tourists, for example on the Caribbean Islands, with colourful parrots and thousands of exotic birds, or domestic bird parks with exciting displays of predator birds: the popularity of bird parks is unbroken.
When compared to regular zoos, the animal keeping of a majority of these parks is far simpler due to a reduced variety of species, resulting in a smaller surface area. This makes it an ideal destination for short trips, when only a few hours are available to spend.

Bird Parks in Europe

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Voliere in der Vogelburg Hochtaunus © Karsten11
© Karsten11
 © Alpenvogelpark
© Alpenvogelpark

Random Bird Parks

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© The International Centre for Birds of Prey
Vogelpark und Streichelzoo Teltow © Vogelpark und Streichelzoo Teltow
© Vogelpark und Streichelzoo Teltow

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© Umgeni River Bird Park
Vogelpark Heiligenkirchen © Vogelpark Heiligenkirchen
© Vogelpark Heiligenkirchen
Vogelpark Viernheim © Vogelpark Viernheim
© Vogelpark Viernheim


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