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A breeze of nostalgia at the Amusement Pier

The so-called "Pleasure Piers" were first built in England during the 19th century. Located very close to beaches, they offered a lot to amuse visitors, including restaurants, theatres and rides. Today, they are much more than important contemporary witnesses. Some of these piers feature roller coasters almost 100 years old, and managed to keep up their good reputation thanks to their nostalgic charm.

Random Amusement Piers

Clarence Pier Southsea © Clarence Pier
© Clarence Pier
Amusement Parks
 © Saberwyn
© Saberwyn
Amusement Parks

Das South Pier Blackpool in Blackpool
Amusement Parks
 © Funtown Pier
© Funtown Pier
Amusement Parks
Das Brighton Pier in Brighton © Brighton Pier
© Brighton Pier
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