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Europe's tallest roller coasters
17-Feb-2014 | Europe's tallest roller coasters
There are currently more than 700 roller coasters in Europe – and there are more and more every year.
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The eldest zoo in the world
27-Dec-2013 | The eldest zoo in the world
Tiergarten Schönbrunn is a place with an enormous history: As documents prove, Francis I, the Holy Roman Emperor, visited the new menagerie's construction in progress at the Schönbrunn's palace gardens, which he had commissioned one year before for his summer residence, on 31st July in 1752. At this time, the first animals already found their home in the new complex and that is why this date is set as the zoo's day of birth, even though the last parts of the menagerie were not finished before 1759.
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The nicest zoos in Bavaria
19-Dec-2013 | The nicest zoos in Bavaria
Bavaria is one of the top tourist destinations in Germany. Hikers appreciate the Alpine region and urban tourists go for the state's lovely cities such as Munich, Augsburg or Nuremberg. However, Germany's largest state by area does not only have natural and architectural beauties, but also a wide range of beautiful animals as can be seen by tourists and locals at numerous zoos in Bavaria.
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Santa Claus
17-Dec-2013 | Santa Claus
Visitors to the Disneyland Resort Paris step aside when he makes his way through the park with his big sleigh, other parks give him an own office where he receives visitors and he is an integral part of most Christmas markets around the world ...
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A new pleasure: Fun Spot America
12-Dec-2013 | A new pleasure: Fun Spot America
For 13 years now, there has been a clear alternative in Orlando for all those who feel that they drowned by the magnificence of Universal or the magic of great, great Disney that both have a splendid range of attractions. Here we are talking about a comparatively quite place where we can enjoy rides, new coasters and an incredible collection of go-kart tracks.
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Creating winter properly!
09-Dec-2013 | Creating winter properly!
As soon as the last day of the peak season ends, it takes less than 20 days for Europa-Park to open its annual winter season with around 2,500 fir trees, several kilometres of garlans and fairy lights ...
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Hansa-Park: Kärnan is coming
04-Dec-2013 | Hansa-Park: Kärnan is coming
Germany has a very promising future for coaster enthusiasts. Not less than three big new attractions will be launched in the course of the upcoming season – and Hansa-Park in Sierksdorf off the Baltic Sea has made an announcement for a 2015 attraction that was sure to make all of them licking their lips in anticipation. It said that a new hypercoaster is coming, putting the competitors in the north under great pressure ...
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Phantasialand Wintertraum 2013/2014
02-Dec-2013 | Phantasialand Wintertraum 2013/2014
The smell of freshly roasted chestnuts is in the air while the taste of mulled wine, punch and waffles evoke the Christmas spirit, huge snow heaps paint the streets white, children ice-skate on a large ice rink in a small forest glade and a Big Band intones Christmas carols that go straight to the heart. It is about time again ... the German theme park Phantasialand celebrates the festive holiday season this year again with "Wintertraum” - A winter's dream of a very special kind.
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Winter Efteling 2013/2014
28-Nov-2013 | Winter Efteling 2013/2014
Some are saying that the winter season is the best time to visit Efteling. The reason for this is less the range of attractions, one or another is closed due to the cold temperatures, than the truely fairytale-like winter finery in which the whole theme park is wrapped up in.
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Dorney Park, Cedar Fair's storage room
22-Nov-2013 | Dorney Park, Cedar Fair's storage room
Half way between the tourist metropolis New York and the industrial and pictorial bridges of Pittsburgh there is an amusement and water park that enthusiasts rather visit on a 'duno-what-else-to-do' day. One may spend ours trying to find the old glory that Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom used to have before a heart-rending US entertainment company has taken the lead … and almost all glory.
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