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Cedar Point

Cedar Point Drive | Sandusky, OH 44871 | United States
 Details: Cedar Point

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Cedar Point
18-Oct-2012 | Cedar Point
The USA: for many people a real coaster-heaven. Again and again the big players among the amusement parks create new thrilling roller coasters which all pass daring manoeuvres and therefore impress the guests by their size and speed, regardless if they are made of wood or steel, if flying or inverted, or if they rush through multiple loops.
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GateKeeper breaks records at Cedar Point
20-Aug-2012 | GateKeeper breaks records at Cedar Point
If you are looking for records of any kind, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, is the place to discover. Many of the 15 operating roller coasters were record holders when opening at the amusement park located on a peninsula at the Lake Eri and still are thrilling the guests. Now the coaster heaven has revealed their new project, the wing coaster “GateKeeper”, which – of course – will break records again.
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Parkscout introduces: CoasterBuzz
30-Jul-2012 | Parkscout introduces: CoasterBuzz
Since parkscout isn't the only leisure park portal on the planet, and since plenty of other amusement park and roller coaster enthusiasts are still whirling through and around the English-speaking web universe in particular, we would like to introduce a loose succession of blogs and sites created by coaster fans.
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