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Discovering botanical gardens

Botanical gardens display a collection of different plants, often classified according to their origin. Its main task is to maintain biodiversity. Even though some of the 460 listed botanical gardens keep animals, their focus clearly lies on trees, shrubs, and plants.

The category includes large folkparks and botanical gardens run by scientific research organizations as well as public gardens in conjunction with zoological parks.

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Botanischer Garten Bielefeld © Freunde Bot-Bi – Christhard Ehrig
© Freunde Bot-Bi – Christhard Ehrig
Botanical Gardens

Bremer Wallanlagen
Botanical Gardens
Biotop Wildpark Anholter Schweiz © Biotop Wildpark Anholter Schweiz
© Biotop Wildpark Anholter Schweiz
Devonian Botanical Garden © WinterforceMedia
© WinterforceMedia
Botanical Gardens

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