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Decision-makers and suppliers of the leisure industry are brought together by parkscout|PRO. Its industry index offers companies, organizations and associations a global platform to show off their products and services. "Industry news" keep you up-to-date with the newest developments and trends, while the "Industry newsletter" compiles the most important bits of the latter on a regular basis.
parkscoutPRO industry index

parkscout|PRO industry index

Members of the leisure industry may use the industry index of parkscout|Pro as a platform to present their products and services to the large, ever-growing group of operators and managers of the more than 5.000 attractions found on Parkscout.

 Industry index

parkscoutPRO Branchenverzeichnis

parkscout|PRO industry newsletter

Global current and up-to-date info about zoos, botanical gardens, amusement parks, water parks and holiday parks are being arranged in a clear and comprehensive form by our editors and sent out on a regular basis.

 Industry newsletter

parkscoutPRO Branchenverzeichnis

parkscout|PRO industry news

Newest developments from the global leisure industry, trends and news, updated daily in the parkscout|PRO industry news.

 Industry news

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