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About Parkscout

Parkscout has been Europes leading online portal for trip destinations like amusement parks, animal parks, water parks and holiday parks for more than 10 years now. Since its major relaunch in April 2012, public and botanical gardens have been added. Since early June 2012, it is also available in english.

With its in-house editorial magazine, news from all over the world, all important info on about 5.000 destinations and a large online shop, Parkscout is the one-stop-adress for trip destinations in more than 55 countries on all continents.

Counting all languages, Parkscout boasts more than 25.000 user submitted reviews which is a major and objective decision helper for its visitors when choosing the right destination for the next vacation or getaway.

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Advertising on Parkscout

First and foremost, our visitors mobile and leisure-oriented families with children, who use Parkscout to get basic information about destinations, and using this to decide on their their next short trip.

We offer a great variety of collaboration for advertisers like trademark companies, attractions, hotels or suppliers of the leisure industry, ranging from traditional banner advertising over "parkscout|PRO" entries, up to completely exclusive campaigns.

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