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Biohazard: The Real © Universal Studios Japan
© Universal Studios Japan

Thursday, August 08, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Zombie haunt in Japan

While violent Video games are a thorn in the side of many adults throughout the world, the Land of the Rising Sun does not see the point in making a fuss about it. A haunted house, or rather a live-action video game, where visitors to Universal Studios Japan can fight back serves as a perfect example. The park's newest walk-through attraction "Biohazard: The Real" opened some days ago.

"Biohazard" is the Japanese name for the survival horror video game series "Resident Evil" that made its debut on the Sony PlayStation in 1996. The game series, meanwhile nine in number, has branched out and became a media franchise which has reached its provisional peak with this post-apocalyptic attraction at Universal Studios Japan. "Biohazard: The Real" is sort of an interactive haunted house where visitors are called to shoot at diverse zombies. The real new feature is that there are no projections or animatronics involved, as can bee seen from a couple of similar dark rides, but instead, live actors wearing elaborately designed masks and make up that makes them look like hungry undead creatures. They stumble their way after brave visitors and, of course, the ones who get hit move correspondingly – this was meticulously trained beforehand.

Hospital or police station?

One looks in vain for laser sights or targets or anything like that in the dark streets of Raccoon City where "Biohazard: The Real" takes place. The zombie hunters should just point and shoot while fighting their way through the urban hospital and police station to the final station, the Umbrella Research Center. Since there are plenty of zombies lurking everywhere, they are split into small guided groups, provided with handguns, which are, by they way, replicas of the ones used by Japanese police officers, a limited supply of ammunition and wristbands that show their physical state, or rather level of infection, from green (safe and sound) to deep red (as good as dead).

Although they only have not much more than five minutes to survive the onslaught of zombies, the thrill level is sure to be very high due to the gruesome life actors inside. Additional multimedia effects should also ensure that the scares come at a furious pace. It is uncertain whether or not a group gets out alive: It is said that in the first two weeks of operation, there was not one single survivor, 0 out of around 50,000 guests – every zombie hunter ending up as zombie meat is obviously part of the concept. Those who wish to be the first to survive "Biohazard: The Real", that initially operates until November, can 'give it a shot' and experience a zombie slaughter that is unlikely to become part of the attractions at at any other park ...

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