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Neue Achterbahn Juvelen im Djurs Sommerland © Djurs Sommerland
© Djurs Sommerland

Friday, November 30, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Magazine and Amusement parks.

What's new at Djurs Sommerland

Piraten © Djurs Sommerland
© Djurs Sommerland
Mega-Lite Coaster "Piraten"
Djurs Sommerland in Denmark finally got great publicity when adding the Intamin Mega-Lite Coaster "Piraten" ("The Pirate") in 2008. Enthusiasts from all over the world were excited about the great dynamic and lots of airtime, which were reason enough to award it several times. The 32 metres tall construction with its red trains reaching a maximum speed of 90 kilometres per hour today still counts as the highest and fastest roller coaster in Denmark. But they did not stop expanding – and surely will not.

Last year a water coaster was added to the "Piratland", completing the range of water attractions in the park. Besides the new, 28 metres high "Skatteøen" ("The Treasure Island") water adventure manufactured by Mack, a rafting, a traditional log flume and a smaller version for kids are waiting to bring the chill on a hot summer's day. And so does the included water park with it's big wave pool and 15 different water slides.

This year's novelty was an interactive flat ride by Zierer called "Solguden" ("The Sun God"), where the gondolas have to be operated by the riders to avoid water spying totem poles. But the amusement park also houses other flat rides, for example the more thrilling Huss Topple Tower "Ørnen” ("The Eagle") and a spinning tea cups ride.

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  • Colorado River<br />© Djurs Sommerland
  • Solguden<br />© Djurs Sommerland
  • Rio Grande Rafting<br />© Djurs Sommerland
  • Ørnen<br />© Djurs Sommerland
  • Piraten<br />© Djurs Sommerland
  • Skatteøen<br />© Djurs Sommerland
  • Piratfisken<br />© Djurs Sommerland

For 2013 a European novelty and Danish record breaking coaster has been announced this week. Djurs Sommerland will be adding the continent's first multi launch coaster with a total length of 1000 metres, becoming Denmark's longest roller coaster. By the two launches, the trains will reach a maximum speed of 85 kilometres per hour, making it a family-friendly, but by no means boring trip. The layout with many curves close to the ground, rapid changes in directions and some camelbacks promises a diverse adventure, taking place in the Mexican themed area of the park. As part of a jungle adventure, riders will go on a search for a juwel – at least that is the meaning of the coaster's name "Juvelen". Matching this, the trains will be designed as some beach buggies, creating a new seating position in Europe and also for an Intamin coaster.

New in 2013: Intamin multi launch coaster "Juvelen"

© parkscout/AM

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