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Welcome to parkscout.com!

Founded back in 2001, parkscout.de has been Europe's largest web portal for attractions like amusement parks, zoos, water parks, botanical gardens and holiday parks for more than 10 years. Finally we are proud to present our web magazine, news and of course all important information about more than 4,000 attractions to our English-speaking fans, who so far have relied on online translators like Google - with predictably funny results at some times.

In German-speaking countries, Parkscout managed to receive and publish more than 25,000 editor-approved reviews on many worldwide attractions, helping people to plan their next short trip destination or getaway. One year before the complete relaunch of our German website in May 2012, we decided to open up to a larger, international audience by producing fully localized versions, with a magazine available to the larger language areas. A Spanish version of Parkscout will follow in late 2012.

In usual quality, and with great enthusiams of the Parkscout editors, parkscout.com provides all important information for all interested visitors. Besides more than 4,000 attractions, with a special focus on the US and the UK, a whole bunch of slideshows and videos are waiting, plus extensive reports and articles in our online magazine. At start, of course there will be considerably less English reviews available than on the German counterpart, but we don't expect our international audience to be less active.

Some of Parkscout's features in Germany, primarily the online shop with the best-selling line of Parkscout books, attraction tickets and amusement park merchandise, are not open to the international public yet because of legal reasons. Be sure to check back soon!

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