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The USA: for many people a real coaster-heaven. Again and again the big players among the amusement parks create new thrilling roller coasters which all pass daring manoeuvres and therefore impress the guests by their size and speed, regardless if they are made of wood or steel, if flying or inverted, or if they rush through multiple loops. Some of these parks will be presented on Parkscout in random order. Smaller amusement parks situated in the land of unlimited possibilities are also included. This time the journey leads to Waldameer.

Spinning Coaster" Steel Dragon"
Waldameer Park and Water World is beautifully located at the base of Presque Isle, Pennsylvania, a peninsula that juts into Lake Erie. Its name can be translated literally as "woods by the sea” in German. It is the forth oldest amusement park in Pennsylvania, and the tenth oldest in the USA. Inaugurated in 1896, the former picnic area is a rather small park today. A third of the total land area is occupied by a water park with several slides and a lazy river.

Two classical indoor attractions are to be stressed: Pirate's Cove Fun House built in 1972 and the dark ride Whacky Shack built in 1970. The park's range of roller coasters consist of a kiddie coaster, a spinning coaster, a wooden coaster which is almost overgrown with trees, and the its mayor ride Ravine Flyer II, a hybrid wooden coaster – meaning equipped with steel support structure and wooden track – designed by The Gravity Group. This thrill machine is said to be the reason for a visitor increase of 20 percent, and won best new ride at the 2008 Golden Ticket Awards. Ravine Flyer II may have a modest height but still boasts sensational features, particularly its nearly aggressive airtime is one of a kind. Owing to the fact that the park's area is too small for this roller coaster, the track traverses above a state route along its course after the first drop. On the other side of the road, after passing through a camelback and curve, it carries its riders over a bridge back to the park. The exciting roller coaster passes a total of six tunnels at a speed of 60 mph (97 km/h).

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In addition, attractions such as Mega Vortex in a spin n' soar sitting motorcycle style on a rotation disc and one of the fines log flume rides in the entire country Thunder River supplements Waldameer's ride line-up. Moreover, thrill seekers can look forward to having a great view of the park area when reaching dizzy heights on the 140' (42 m) drop tower Xscream. There is not much time to enjoy the view for a long time though as riders will free-fall back down to earth after gently ascending to the top.

Visitors wishing to relax may do so when making themselves snug on a relatively large picnic area at Waldameer. The park's chair lift is not to be sneezed at either. The amusement and water park excels by its location at the lake, and Ravine Flyer II is definitively a coaster thrill seekers should go for.

On-Ride-Video "Ravin Flyer II"

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