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Under the sign of the waterfalls

The waterfalls of Coo
The waterfalls of the village Coo close to Stavelot, approximately 70 kilometres away from Aachen count as one of the most famous destinations in the east of Belgium. These form the geographical background of the former amusement park Telecoo, which was bought up by the famous TV Station Studio 100 in 2005, closed for an extensive renovation, and reopened in 2007 as Plopsa Coo.

Among the main attractions of the comparatively small amusement park two roller coasters can be found, which both are definitely notable. The first one, "Coaster”, is an installation of the Dutch manufacturer Vekoma, whose track was fitted into the landscape and perfectly integrated into a hillside. The second one, "Wickie”, has been inviting riders since last year's season to take a wild ride – in shape of a spinning coaster manufactured by Gerstlauer, which not only has a fine, twisted track to offer, but also cars in style of ships in which riders sit face to face. These partly allow distinctive turns, depending on the weight distribution. Though the number of coasters is rather small with these two examples, the quality is striking, whereupon the dispatch of "Coaster” is extremely slow and therefore long waiting times are hardly to avoid.

Log Flume "Splash"

Chairlift with panoramic view

Further highlights of the park definitely are the classic log flume ride "Splash”, which got a new design this season - now "Maya the Bee”, the famous cartoon bee, accompanies the guests on their ride -, a Star Flyer and a Bobsleigh, on which they get pulled up a hill backwards, which is quite unusual, before rushing through a canal out of metal back to the station. Midget golf, a big labyrinth, Karts and a small petting zoo complete the range of attractions. The ride might be challenging for people suffering from vertigo due to its very steep course with a chairlift up on the top of a 220 metres high mountain, but they will be rewarded with a great panoramic view over the park and the waterfalls of Coo. The admission is free of charge. However, the guests have to pay for each attraction before entering. Therefore, visitors of a minimum of 1 metre can choose between a ribbon at a price of 24 Euro, that allows an unlimited usage of all attractions, or point cards which can be cashed individually for each and every ride.

If this is making sense, depends on how often the guests will take a ride on the attractions. A single trip on the spinning coaster for example costs points at a price of about six Euro. The purchase of a ribbon will probably be the better solution for most guests. On top, you have to pay a parking fee of six Euro – a price, that is totally normal in Benelux, though.

Impressions of Plopsa Coo

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Plopsa Coo is a real hit all alone by its landscape. Surrounded by mountains, with the waterfalls in plain view and a small river, on which you can do canoeing or just get a refreshment on hot summer days – all this is a quite unique setting for an amusement park. Everything seems immaculate and the ride portfolio is clearly dedicated to families with kids. In 2011, Plopsa Coo counted at least 370,000 visitors – and this despite a rather adventurous arrival on the country roads in the Ardennes, which, however, provide great scenic insights and examples of architecture characteristic for the country. On top, the park has got a decidedly good gastronomic offer for an Belgian amusement park – all that makes Plopsa Coo a recommendable destination for all those living close to the German border of Belgium.

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