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Turtle Trek © SeaWorld Orlando
© SeaWorld Orlando

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Zoos and animal parks and Magazine.

Turtle Trek: The New 3D Experience at SeaWorld Orlando

Turtle Trek © SeaWorld Orlando
© SeaWorld Orlando
Turtle Trek in SeaWorld Orlando
Thinking of innovative projects at Disney or Universal, it is more than obvious that many new ride and attraction concepts for amusement parks have been developed in the USA. A few weeks ago SeaWorld Orlando opened a new world premiere attraction refining an old concept: Turtle Trek.

You may remember the 360-degree cinemas which could be found nearly anywhere in the past? SeaWorld now catapults those dome cinemas into the third dimension. This outstanding experience is possible using 34 digital projectors and new 3D glasses with polarization lenses wrapping around the sides enabling 3d effects even in the eyes' corner. There are no seats in the 3D dome, so visitors have to stand making the adventure much more realistic. The subject of the film is the lifespan of a sea turtle.

Unfortunately the film is CGI and uses no real-life pictures – the six minutes journey under the sea takes up about 950 GB. 22 different audio channels are used for a threedimensional sound that moves within the dome enhancing the experience. By using 3D and avoiding any twodimensional fix points for the eyes the effect is outstanding and doesn't produce any feelings of dizziness occuring constantly at previous 360 degree cinemas.

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