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De Magische Vallei

Friday, April 19, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Toverland's Magical Valley

Achterbahn Dwervelwind
The spinning coaster Dwervelwind
Located in the Dutch town of Sevenum near the German border, the theme park Toverland has long ceased to be an insider's tip and is especially popular among families from the neighbouring country of Germany. Two halls filled with attractions, a giant outdoor area with two first-class roller coasters, an adventurous rope course, fantastic rides and plenty of space to play and frolic have made Toverland popular within the region and beyond.

Another step towards a consistent expansion of the range has been achieved by the construction of the new theme area "De Magische Vallei” (Dutch for "The Magical Valley”) which was launched to the press yesterday. Mack Rides' spinning coaster of 21 metres in height "Dwervelwind”, which was in brief operation last year, is of course the main attraction due to its four cars revolving around its own axis during the ride of 462 metres in lengths. This version is way more fun than the ordinary spinning coasters that rotate on a single axis. Moreover, the theme area's first spectacular attraction is enhanced by an imaginative train station setting, that reminds a bit of the epic science fiction film "Avatar”, and a terrific IMAscore on-board soundtrack adds to the thrill.

Impressions from the new Magical Valley at Toverland

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  • Rafting Djengu River<br />
  • Achterbahn Dwervelwind<br />
  • De Magische Vallei<br />
  • De Magische Vallei<br />
  • Achterbahn Dwervelwind<br />
  • Rafting Djengu River<br />
  • De Magische Vallei<br />
  • De Magische Vallei<br />
  • De Magische Vallei<br />
  • De Magische Vallei<br />
  • De Magische Vallei<br />

The new rafting ride

The rafting ride "Djengu River” built by Hafema can undoubtedly be seen as the second crowd-puller. Circular boats, seating up to nine visitors, wind their way through the valley along some hair-raising rapids. However, the test riders left the 460 metre long canal drier than expected yesterday – time will show whether or not the moisture level will be adjusted to warmer weather. Unfortunately, some theme elements are not quite finished yet due to the rough winter, but the embedding of the area in a scenery already has a high-quality look. It is formed by huge nature stone formations with water falls, and almost exclusively involves the use of wood materials.

Rafting Djengu River
General manager of Toverland: Caroline Masessen (middle)
A beautifully designed Heege Tower named "Coco Bolo” standing 10 metres in height, the roundabout ride "Tolly Molly”, a climbing and play area towering 13 metres and an air trampoline keep children busy at The Magical Valley. "Katara, Fountain of Magic”, right opposite the restaurant terrace, provides a wonderful spectacle and rounds off the new range of attractions. Even though this water show cannot keep up with Efteling's "Aquanura”, simply given its scale, the main feature of Toverland's attraction is that the water ray of some fountains guides through passable pathways – great fun for children, although they will come out soaking wet afterwards.

"De Magische Vallej” with all its attractions surely enables Toverland to continue its course of expansion, and can be considered another step towards a competitive situation with 'big, big' Efteling. Visitors can experience the attention to detail and understand the concept, and as soon as the planned hotel comes into being, the park may assuredly count on numerous overnight guests from Germany. Yesterday, one could easily tell that Caroline Maessen, general manager of Toverland, is more than proud of the work done, and in view of the new attractions she has more than enough reason for it.

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