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The wintry Europa-Park

In front of the festive Eurosat-Kugel
In 2001, Europa-Park was the first German amusement park that dared to open in winter, allowing 180,000 visitors to enjoy a contemplative, romantic Christmas spirit during the coldest season. This success led to subsequent extensions realised year after year. In the past winter season, roughly half a million people where heading down to the south of Germany to admire Europa-Park's winter wonderland which is unique in this form throughout Europe.

Something flashes, glitters and shines everywhere – the number of fairy lights and further Christmas accessories is simply incredible, it's impossible to find a spot without any decoration. Gift packages are placed on the grass, the enormous reflecting towers of the spinning roller coaster Euro-Mir are furnished with golden glowing stripes, thousands of colourfully decorated Christmas trees adorn the paths, tons of sparkling fairy-lights attached to buildings cater for a cosy atmosphere and Christmas carols emanate from the loudspeakers. Each and every theme area fits in with Europa-Park's wintry appearance in such a perfect way that all European competitors are beaten. Germany's biggest theme park provides, for example, a festively decorated Christmas Market, a comfortable Après Ski Bar, an unforgettable journey through the world of the Grimm brothers and an interactive Winter Wonderland for kids. By the way, mention should be made to the park's richly ornamented festive hotels – these are also the places where lighting chains, matching figures and decoration elements can be found at every turn.

Impressions from the wintry Europa-Park

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  • Winterwunderland<br />
  • Winterwunderland<br />
  • Winterwunderland<br />
  • Winterwunderland<br />
  • Winterwunderland<br />
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  • Winterwunderland<br />

It actually goes without saying that during the cold season most water attractions hibernate. The coasters Silverstar and Wodan are also closed in winter. However, visitors will get the chance to experience the launch coaster Blue Fire in the dark this year for the very first time, provided the outdoor temperature is appropriate. Some exciting attractions additionally open in winter, rain or shine, including an ice-skating ring, snow tubes and children's skibobs and the giant Ferris wheel Bellevue situated in the Portuguese theme area. Another highlight can be watched at the Magic Cinema 4D: Euromaus & friends go for an adventurous expedition through the catacombs of Balthasar Castle. This fun and entertaining 4D film is produced in exclusivity for Europa-Park by Mack Media and, furthermore, shown with a modified starting sequence adapted to the winter season.

Euro-Mir wearing its winter dress
During this time of the year, more specifically from 24th Nov. to 6th Jan. (except 24th/25th Dec.), Europa park offers 17 big and somewhat smaller shows presented at theatres or on the street. Additionally, a marvellous parade of lights is held as dusk sets in, and two spectacular light shows turn the Scandinavian and Greek theme areas into a dark wonderland filled with moving images. All performances – ranging from the extraordinary Chinese National Circus, over a fantastic ice show, to a fun children's musical – are quite impossible to watch within one single day.

Europa Park spared neither expense nor effort to create a wonderful winter paradise for young and old alike, increasing the joyful anticipation of Christmas. The only thing missing is a white coating of snow – but Mother Nature will probably take care of that within the upcoming weeks. Further information on opening hours and pricing can be found online at www.europapark.de.

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