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Tiergarten Nürnberg

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The nicest zoos in Bavaria

Bavaria is one of the top tourist destinations in Germany. Hikers appreciate the Alpine region and urban tourists go for the state's lovely cities such as Munich, Augsburg or Nuremberg. However, Germany's largest state by area does not only have natural and architectural beauties, but also a wide range of beautiful animals as can be seen by tourists and locals at numerous zoos in Bavaria. This range goes from small and family-run parks, such as Kleinzoo Ingolstadt, to world-famous big zoos, such Tierpark Hellabrunn in Munich, or from little wildlife parks housing few animal especies to a zoo, such as Tiergarten Nürnberg, that makes visitors feel as though they were travelling around the colourful animal world.

Tierpark Hellabrunn

 © Tierpark Hellabrunn
© Tierpark Hellabrunn
Under water Tierpark Hellabrunn
With 2 million visitors a year, Tierpark Hellabrunn is one of the most well-known and most popular zoos in Bavaria. The Geo-Zoo opened its gates in 1911 and, today, gives home to more than 19,000 animals from five continents in big and life-like enclosures that make the animal's life woth living and gives visitors an idea of their natural environments – an expedition into the animal kingdom within the landscape conservation area of the Isar meadows. The zoo's stars are, among others, the Californian sea lions that show off their skills when it is time for the Flipper Parade. Visitors also enjoy watching, from very close, birds of prey when they do some air acrobatics. Tierpark Hellabrunn is an active participant in species conservation programmes and proyects - which makes it even more special.

Zoo Augsburg

In 1937 there was a, one may say so, "park of German fauna” in the Bavarian city of Augsburg where beaver, deer an other native animals were the first to movie in. After the park recovered from the destruction in World War II, Zoo Augsburg reopened in 1946 and began introducing exotic animals as well, responding to visitor requests. The number of animals was gradually extended and it currently houses around 2,000 animals from all over the world, including mini goats and an endangered sheep species, guinea pigs or rabbits in the petting zoo that all love to be cuddled by little and big guests. Moreover, visitors like to have a ride on Zoo-Bähnle which takes them on an almost one kilometre long circuit.

More impressions of the nicest zoos in Bavaria
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  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />© Tiergarten Nuernberg
  • Tiergarten Nürnberg<br />
  • Tiergarten Nürnberg<br />
  • Greifvogelpark Katharinenberg<br />
  • Seekühe im Manatihaus<br />© Tiergarten Nuernberg
  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />© Tierpark Hellabrunn
  • Tiergarten Nürnberg<br />
  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />© Tierpark Hellabrunn
  • Tiergarten Nürnberg<br />© Cappellmeister

Zoo Hof

The Zoological Garden Hof is also a great destination for children. They are particularly keen on the petting zoo. Here they can encounter different domestic animals such as mini goats, rabbits, sheep, ponies, mini pigs, chickens and ducks. An easy approach to the lovely animals is garanteed when standing at or coming right from the food machine. Children also enjoy solving the zoo puzzle, which is both available for downloading and at the cash desk, and attanding the zoo school. When they want to take a break from the entertaining knowledge transfer, they may feel free to play close to the restaurant in the playground where they can find, for example, a giant slide and exciting tunnels.

Tiergarten Nürnberg

It is not only the zoo animals, but also the beautiful landscape that draws visitors to Tiergarten Nürnberg. Former sandstone quarries, fissured rock formations, centuries-old trees and idyllic riverside meadows attract visitors, but the fauna is of course the main reason why people visit a zoo. One of the highlights among the animal facilities is the dolphin lagoon, opened in 2011 – the first outdoor facility for these popular marine mammals in Germany. Besides dolphins, sea lions also perform daily. Their home is the Aquapark, a modern water paradise, that also gives home to beavers, otters, penguins and polar bears.

These are, of course, not all zoos in Bavaria worth visiting. Please click here to get a detailed list.

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