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Rittersturz, die Thematisierung muss leider noch warten

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Magazine and Amusement parks.

New Log Flume at Klotten

The Splash of "Rittersturz"
Eight years ago Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten built its first rollercoaster "Die Heisse Fahrt durch den Vulkan", a bobsled coaster made by German manufacturer Gerstlauer. The ride, also known as "Klotticoaster" for several years, was a huge success with fans and is still one the nicest bobsled coasters with the extense use of natural material for the theming.

The original concept included a giant volcano with lakes, small canyons, a rollercoaster, a log flume and a big restaurant and should have been finished by 2008. Because of several delays without known reasons fans lost their faith in the realization of the project. But surprisingly in 2011 the park announced a new log flume for this season to enhance their ride portfolio. The new log flume, "Ritterstuz", was built by Swiss company ABC Engineering AG, featuring a 25 metre drop which makes it the tallest, fastest and steepest log flume in Germany – at least according to the park.

Das neue Schnell-Restaurant
The new restaurant at Klotten
But it's rather hard to tell visitors the difference between this ride and the much higher "Atlantica SuperSplash" at Europa-Park – it's all about going up in boats with a vertical lift, a small drop followed by a big drop with a following splash. But one thing is for sure: You will get soaked when riding "Rittersturz" making it one of the most popular attractions at Klotten when temperature is rising.

Unfortunately the ride is kind of anti-climatic at the moment: People are thrilled by the vertical lift and get excited by the drop and the splash, but after that there is a long boring return to the station in an ugly grey flume. Hopefully Klotten will add some kind of theming to this area, but the problem is typically for that kind of rides: After the drop at Europa-Park's "Atlantica SuperSplash" or "Poseidon" the rides get also boring as hell.

Anyway, "Rittersturz" is a reasonable addition to the park's ride portfolio and will likely increase the number of visitors. Without any doubt, Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten deserves much more attention in Germany – the nice location above the Mosel valley and the cultivated park area should be reason enough to pay them a visit.

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