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Thursday, June 13, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

The Heide Park Resort

Desert Race
Launched coaster Desert Race
The Heide Park Resort in Soltau, Lower Saxony, had been our first destination on our tour to western Denmark. Last time we visited northern Germany's biggest amusement park was in 2011, shortly after the roller coaster "Krake” (German for "octopus”) had been launched. This attraction is based on a pirate theme that was completed last year with a ship and an octopus mouth, where the trains of Germany's first and only Dive Coaster thunder through.

Yes, there is a taller and longer version of this type of roller coaster, but the one at Heide Park is more than one step ahead of the much-vaunted prototype situated at Alton Towers. Firstly, the whole waiting area is more atmospheric, secondly, the track layout is more convincing. The view from the coaster's highest point directly into the mouth is a thoroughly nice feature, even though not necessarily needed: when the ride operated without that setting in the opening year, there had already been gut-wrenching moments – even if some ardent coaster enthusiasts might disagree.

Impressions from the Heide Park Resort

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  • Big Loop<br />
  • Holzachterbahn Colossos<br />
  • Limit<br />
  • Powered Coaster<br />
  • Mountain Rafting<br />
  • Heide Park 2013<br />
  • Heide Park 2013<br />
  • Heide Park 2013<br />

Kingdom of the scary sea monster

Also new to us was the scare maze "KRAKE lebt!” ("KRAKE Alive!”) that opened last year. After we were introduced to the horror attraction by one of the live actors, who wore shells on his face and really made a good quirky captain, we were on a shipwreck and then dragged by the octopus into the murky depths of the park's giant sea. In the beginning, flatscreens were most frequently used to create special effects. Although we don't want to spoil too much about what is to be expected inside, we can definitely recommend visiting Germany's newest scare attraction, even though only five live actors gave us, sometimes more sometimes less scary, chills when we were there.

Heide Park 2013
Wooden coaster Colossos
Hidden out in a travelling circus near the coasters "Big Loop” and "Limit”, the great new attraction in 2013 at the Heide Park Resort is a family show based on the hit film "Madagascar 3”. Unfortunately, we didn't make it on time owing to a traffic jam on the outward journey – sad, but that's what happened. However, we enjoyed riding all in all eight roller coasters on a sunny day with pleasant 25 degrees. On top of that, we didn't need to wait too long as there weren't that much visitors that day.

The park itself was as well-tended as ever – many green areas and clean paths. It is to be expected that in near future the transformation of the theme areas is going to gain speed significantly, particularly given that the park will be adding another giant coaster for the 2014 season. After having a splendid day out at the Heide Park Resort, we headed to the Baltic Sea and looked forward to visiting Hansa-Park the very next morning.

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