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Halloween Horror Fest

Friday, September 06, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks, Interviews and Magazine.

Halloween Horror Fest 2013

1998 was the first year when Movie Park Germany held its Halloween event under the German name Halloween Horror Fest which is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary in October. It goes without saying that such an occasion needs to be duly commemorated, and that is why there will be a new additional maze. Since it is based on "The Walking Dead", particularly fans of the successful horror television drama series will love that attraction.

One scare-actor casting gave us the opportunity to talk precisely to Jörg Kraft, manager for entertainment at Movie Park Germany, about upcoming plans and new changes, and thus we could gain a first insight into what is to be expected this year ...

Parkscout: Can you already tell us something about "The Walking Dead - Präsentiert von Fox – Der Seriensender" ("The Walking Dead – Presented by Fox – The series channel")?

Halloween Horror Fest
Jörg Kraft, manager for entertainment,
Movie Park Germany
Jörg Kraft: With "The Walking Dead" we have a completely new maze which is based on the third episode of the same named Fox series. We picked the area under the stage of our stunt show as location. Here we are talking about a straight corridor of 100 metres in length which will be divided into various areas. Initially, we came up with the idea to turn it into a horror station, but we are very happy about receiving "The Walking Dead" licence. By the way, there are only two other amusement parks in the world that have it in possession.

Parkscout:Where will be the entrance of "The Walking Dead"?

Jörg Kraft: Right now there are two options for the waiting area we need to consider. On one hand, it would be possible to use the stunt show's regular waiting area for the maze too, on the other hand, we could move the entrance to the little square right opposite the NYC Plaza and place the waiting zone alongside the stunt show setting. The latter option is probably the most attractive one, but, due to the well-known licence, it could become too crowded and the square is not that big. A final decision has not yet been taken.

Parkscout: What distinguishes the new maze from any other haunted house of Halloween Horror Fest?

Jörg Kraft: First and foremost "The Walking Dead" is a licensed maze which entails, of course, regulations laid down by Fox which we have to meet. The new maze exclusively features zombies and main characters of the series. Every area along the large corridor is separated by gates and all of them are not visible from afar. In addition, we will apply fragrances and attach more importance to sound systems inside the costumes of our zombies, so that each undead possesses an own sound – this sound is moving instead of rigidly being sampled. The more you step into that maze, the more zombies will await you and the louder the sound gets. This feature not only adds to the thrill, it also spares the voices of our monsters that, without these sound chips, will probably have trouble speaking normally after a whole evening roaring like zombies.

Parkscout: Parscout: Are there any new Halloween Horror Fest delights this year?

Halloween Horror Fest
Jörg Kraft, manager for entertainment,
Movie Park Germany
Jörg Kraft:We changed "Deathpital" to a great extent in order to better convey the story of the maze. The structure is more easy to understand and more logical now – it starts with a pre-show starring the patient admission showed in the reception, which offers room for up to 40 visitors, and goes over to a cellar area and a room for dissection. We modified the rooms that have so far not complied with this concept, for example the "Saw" area. Furthermore, we continued working in detail when modifying our circus maze which has actually been very challenging for us over the course of time. It is an open-air maze that for several reasons only requires temporary fencing as a boundary. We definitely try to enhance the circus atmosphere this year by undertaking various measures. The other mazes "The Forgotten" and "Baboo Twister Club" remain the same as last year

Another small Halloween innovation will put a smile on the children's face. Brandy Emde has designed the kiddie area with love and devotion for some years now. We will be having a bouncy castle in shape of a pumpkin that will, together with the Nick-Shop, get our youngest visitors in the right Halloween mood.

Halloween Horror Fest
Scare actores at the casting
Parkscout: May we expect the Halloween show on the NYC Plaza stage to be any different?

Jörg Kraft: We will exchange songs and the whole show needs to be somewhat louder and more powerful because it is a central point of Halloween Horror Fest. The constant soundscape must be drowned, but the content of the show will not be altered. Moreover, Aaron fans will have every reason to look forward to – the hypnosis show, which was frequently requested by visitors, will again draw them into the saloon every Halloween Night.

Parkscout:Will there be an increase of security staff for the Halloween Nights?

Jörg Kraft:Since we will have more staff inside the mazes and on the street, there will of course be more security present. We all know that there are every now and then some rowdy teens among our visitors that cause a certain degree of vandalism. On average, every we are left every Halloween day with approximately 20 pumpkins being stolen, maize plants that were teared off and things like that.

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