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Orkanen © Farup Sommerland
© Farup Sommerland

Monday, May 13, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Magazine and Amusement parks.

Test Run of Orkanen

Last year Danish Farup Sommerland announced their new ride for 2013 – the Vekoma family coaster "Orkanen" opening this June. The first test runs are finished and the coaster really looks very promising. With a track length of 453 metres, a height of more than 19 metres and a top speed of 75 km/h "Orkanen" is a powerhouse for smaller children featuring 3.5 g.

The rollercoaster was built on a lake where visitors found wetracers and bumper boats until 2012. Interesting layout ideas include a tunnel through the water after the first drop for a more intense feeling of speed and a compact landscaping with trees and bushes. But despite of all the data being published "Orkanen" is still a family coaster which hopefully will attract all ages. The opening is planned for 5th June 2013.

Test run of "Orkanen"

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