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 © Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Wednesday, July 04, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Superman Ultimate Flight

Superheroes and their counterparts are a top theme, not only because of the lastest movies: The Avengers rescue the world, Green Lantern is doing the impossible just by the use of his willpower and Spider-Man is getting bit by a spider once again this summer. Just one doyen of our heroes is quite silent at the moment: Superman. However, – presumbaly on the occasion of the new film coming up next year – Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is picking up his prominence and lets its guests fly through the sky with the new roller coaster "Superman Ultimate Flight” just like the fictional hero does.

 © Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
New roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Since 30 June the new coaster is taking its turns up into the air. Different to the rides with similar names in other Six Flags parks, this one is not a Flying Coaster from Bolliger & Mabillard, but a Premier Rides' launch coaster. Visually, this construction is striking: Coloured in typical Superman blue, red and yellow the track is winding his way up into the sky and looks a bit like an extended version of the Skyline Park's Sky Wheel.

Standing in the station, the train with a capacity for up to 12 passengers gets launched into the first climb whereupon this will not be managed at the first time. The car is falling down backwards again, rushes through the station and gets accelerated a second time, but even now the speed is not sufficient to cope the full round. Once again the train gets fired off and with a maximum speed of nearly 100 km/h it now reaches the highest point of the ride in over 45 meters height, after climbing up a twisted 90 degree steep rise. An In-Line-Twist then turns the guests upside down directly above the station, which is the only, but therefore quite airy inversion on this coaster. Afterwards the coaches are speeding down towards the earth again nearly vertical, twisting one more time, which marks the beginning of a non inverted loop. Leaving this, the ride finds its end and the passengers get back to the ground safely after an insane trip lasting just under one minute.

Video of the new launch coaster "Superman Ultimate Flight”

With "Superman Ultimate Flight” the park opened its eighth roller coaster and the first to be themed in the style of a DC Comic. Already the queue line features a series of panels showcasing Superman’s powers and attributes that include: "Strength: More powerful than a locomotive™,” and "Faster than a speeding bullet™.” Raising the guest's interest, the iconic Superman "S” is placed effectively within the track and is already visible from a distance.

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