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 © Gröna Lund Foto: Peter Wixström
© Gröna Lund Foto: Peter Wixström

Tuesday, June 04, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Star Flyer out of the ordinary

 © Gröna Lund Foto: Tommy Nybom
© Gröna Lund Foto: Tommy Nybom
Eclipse - head for heights required
Since late April 2013, visitors to the Swedish amusement park Gröna Lund have been able to marvel at the view over the city of Stockholm from a dizzying height. Timed to coincide with the park's 130th anniversary, the newest, so far globally unrivalled, sky-scraping attraction "Eclipse" enhances the skyline of the peninsular of Djurgården.

Floating up to the blue

Although "Eclipse" looks more or less like an ordinary swing ride, with its 121 metres, it is the tallest Star Flyer in the world. Riders can not only experience the thrill at airy height, but also enjoy an incredible view over the rooftops of the Swedish capital. Built by Austrian manufacturer Funtime, "Eclipse" has 12 swings with double seats, allowing up to 24 passengers to travel safely up and down within approximately 2 minutes. However, it is open to question whether or not riders can fully enjoy the view at a top speed of around 70 kilometres per hour.

910 tons of steel and concrete, 80,000 screws, 8 metre long chains – these facts and figures really are something to write home about! The name of the new Star Flyer, that amounted to 50 million Swedish crowns, seems to be rather murky at first. Darkness or obscuration are the less flattering words that may come to mind on first thought, but considering the enormous thrill level and the fact that it 'overshadows' for example Gröna Lund's Giant Drop "Fritt Fall", at least in terms of dimensions, no name would have been more suitable than Eclipse. It should also be mentioned that this Sky Flyer is a unique family attraction. With a height requirement of merely 1.20 metres, not only grown ups can test their nerves and savour the jaw-dropping views very quickly.

Gröna Lund said goodbye to "Top Scan Extreme", from now on to be found at Furuvik, and welcomed "Eclipse" in time for the start of the running season on 27th April. It was ceremonially inaugurated by CEO Magnus Widell and ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang, the only Swede who has, to date, travelled in space.

© parkscout/AF


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