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Fantasyland © Walt Disney World
© Walt Disney World

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Snow White Kicked Out!

When Walt Disney opened his first theme park in 1955 in California, one of the destination's attractions was the darkride "Snow White's Scary Adventures" based on his first feature-length animation masterpiece "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" from 1937 which founded the huge success of the Disney corporation.

Fantasyland © Walt Disney World
© Walt Disney World
Artworks of the the new rollercoaster
The theme park classic, also built at Magic Kingdom, Florida (1971), at Tokyo Disneyland (1983) and finally in 1992 at Disneyland Park in France, is one of the kid's favorite rides although it may be a little bit scary for younger ones because of its creepy atmosphere and its dark scenes. Regarding Walt Disney World in Orlando, the sinister plans of the Evil Queen came to a final end on May, 31st - despite of its high popularity the ride was closed due to the recreation of Fantasyland and will be replaced soon by the so-called "Princess Fairytale Hall", a new "meet and greet" location where guests may take photos with the Disney princesses.

But, of course, Disney is still aware about the significant value of the movie based on a fairy tale of the German brothers Grimm. So there will be an adequate replacement with a new Snow White themed area and a new family rollercoaster riding through the diamond mine of the seven dwarfs. Unfortunately there are not much information about length, height or top speed of the coaster planned for an opening in 2014, but you might not expect an excessively wild experience.

"Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster" is the name of the attraction, featuring a first-of-its kind ride system allowing the train vehicles to swing forth and back to simulate a mining cart. Again Disney imagineers break new grounds and may set new standards. Additionally the ride will partly be indoor with animatronics of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, presumibly with much more animation possibilities than the old animatronics in "Snow White's Scary Adventures". "Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster" was also announced as a "musical rollercoaster", so the vehicles may get an onboard sound system.

Although many fans will regret the final closure of their beloved darkride classic in Florida a few days ago, a worthy replacement in on its way – besides there will also be a new darkride themed on the movie "The Little Mermaid". If and when all of this will have any long-term impact on the other theme parks in Paris, Hong Kong or Tokyo, remains to be seen – but the new rollercoaster might be a gem for all of those destinations.

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