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Friday, June 08, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Magazine and Amusement parks.

Sky Jet at Skyline Park

This year Skyline Park in Allgäu, Germany, is treated by its owners, the showman-family Löwenthal, with several new attractions. The youngest visitors can aim high in the new carousel "Flug der Karibik” ("Fly of the Caribbean”), where little pirates can decide freely how high their ship is supposed to spin around. Without this opportunity to opt for an individual program, but rising many metres higher in return, this season's second novelty ,"Sky Jet”, has been lifting guests up into the air since last Saturday.

The riders can take a seat in one of six tiers holding up to 5 persons, which are arranged in a star-shape, to get whirled around twisting and turning nearly 30 meters up into the sky afterwards, while their feet are dangling freely. Firstly, the gondola slowly crests the maximum height with every swing, but than the brave guests will face the ground dropping and diving towards the earth during several rollovers and spins. Providing the needed safety, taking a ride on "Sky Jet” is prohibited for people under 1.40 metres height and younger than ten years.

Formerly, the impressive ride was located at the venerable amusement park Blackpool Pleasure Beach at the British west coast, where it celebrated its opening in the 2004 season named as "Bling”. Skyline Park bought the fun-machine last year, and after repainting the whole attraction, it now provides a real head-turner even for the spectators: The counter weight on the one side of the main stanchion was designed as a globe, whereas all the seats on the other side are painted in bright yellow. Due to the arrangement of the gondolas it now seems like the sun and the earth are turning around each other. So far, manufacturer Zierer has only sold two more of its "Star Shape”-named attractions worldwide, which both are operating at fairs in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Guests with weak nerves and sensitive stomachs will find some novelties in 2012 as well. Since May 26 and lasting till mid-September, the exceptional magician and extreme illusionist Steve Waite is hosting three different shows for every gusto. Guests can experience enthralling tricks and complex illusions paired with stunts and comedy elements, which will definitely please every the whole audience.

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