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Six Flags Great Adventure

"Bizarro" - a floorless coaster made by B&M
The USA: for many people a real coaster-heaven. Again and again the big players among the amusement parks create new thrilling roller coasters which all pass daring manoeuvres and therefore impress the guests by their size and speed, regardless if they are made of wood or steel, if flying or inverted, or if they rush through multiple loops. Therefore, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Cedar Point and Six Flags Great Adventure probably are the parks which are mostly treasured by roller coaster enthusiasts. The latter, for sure, is the one Europeans can visit most easily, because it is only located 100 km (about 62 miles) south of New York.

A bus brings guests from Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan to the park and back again in the evening on a daily basis. But Six Flags Great Adventure is not only worth a visit because of its impressive roller coasters, it also offers a kids area, a comparative long log flume, a river rafting, and numerous flat rides as well as a sea lion and dolphin show. Furthermore, the safari park "Wild Safari”, the largest drive-trough safari outside of Africa, is included in the area, in which guests can experience up to 1200 exotic animals from very close, driving a seven km (4,35 miles) long road through the compounds. To bring the offer up to a round figure, the water park "Six Flags Hurricane Harbor” is located on the other side of the park.

Six Flags Great Adventure
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  • Imposante Skyline von El Toro<br />© Wolfgang Payer
  • Batman: The Ride<br />© Wolfgang Payer
  • Batman: The Ride<br />© Wolfgang Payer
  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />© Wolfgang Payer
  • Kingda Ka<br />© Wolfgang Payer
  • Mega Coaster © Wolfgang Payer" >
  • Bild aus Fotogalerie<br />© Wolfgang Payer

This all sounds quite family-friendly – and within the last years the management pointed out, that they will concentrate on a greater amount of new family attractions – but the truth is different. The kids area is rather loveless and uninspired, while the tall roller coasters are definitely still the attractions to be advertised. Six Flags Great Adventure is a thrill park – and that is what they should admit. The half-hearted turn towards family entertainment is not making any sense.

That is the reason why the focus now will be on thrill machines. At first to mention is "Kingda Ka”: It is the tallest and second fastest roller coaster in the world and the most astonishing object in the park. Right next to it the wooden coaster "El Toro”, constructed by manufacturer Intamin, can be found, which creates an impressive sky line. El Toro not only has got a lot of airtime, but is basically a coaster of high velocity with an interesting layout which is offering many ground level curves. It certainly is the best high-speed woody to find, and it is characterized by a smooth ride experience where no one will leave with any bruises. The third excellent ride, which is also located in this park section, is "Bizarro”, a floorless coaster manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard with seven inversions. Furthermore, a stand-up and a flying coaster, both built by B&M as well, can be found right in the entrance area of the park.

Airtime guaranted - "Nitro"
Another masterpiece of a roller coaster is located in the western park area. This ride named "Nitro” is a mega coaster with 5,394 ft in length which offers extreme airtime paired with an excellent, smooth ride experience. "Batman: The Ride”, an inverted coaster, can be found next to it. People visiting Six Flags Great Adventure for only one day are lucky ones, if they manage to ride all 13 coasters. On days of fair weather a fast past can be bought, which enables to skip the queue lines, but is very expensive. Families – especially those ones with little children – will not find great pleasure when visiting the park. But if you love to ride tall and intense coasters, Six Flags Great Adventure truly will be your heaven!

© parkscout/AM Wolfgang Payer, Website

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