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 © Fort Fun Abenteuerland
© Fort Fun Abenteuerland

Thursday, April 11, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Season 2013: FortFun goes America

New season, new fortune – this seems to be the motto for 2013 of the German amusement park FortFun located in the municipality of Bestwig in the Sauerland district. Although the season start had been moved to 5th April, due to weather conditions, the fans are reimbursed for the long wait with plenty of innovations. They can instantly get a glimpse of that themselves by looking at it, since even the logo got a new design. The well-known striped banner comes in a new modern look and clarifies the intention of creating an amusement park with the topic of the American continent. The new slogan "Näher als du denkst” (E: "Closer than you think”) is fully in line with this sentiment.

 © Fort Fun Abenteuerland
© Fort Fun Abenteuerland
From "Beverly Hills Drive" to "Rocky Mountain Rallye"
But of course there are also plenty of renewals in the range of attractions and shows which are supposed to attract old and new fans to the park in 2013. One highlight, "YuKanRaft”, is a ride in style of Top Spin 2. The former fun fair attraction, built by Huss Park Attractions in 1993, is ideally integrated in the park's scenery and gives visitors the illusion of canoeing over the Yukon River. The ageing attractions "Tomahawk” and "Piratenboot” had to make way for, amongst other attractions, a 8 metre wide waterfall and numerous LED-effects.

Also, the especially among younger visitors popular attraction "Beverly Hills Drive”, which lately was more likely in just a moderate condition, is getting an upgrade. Based on the natural scenic surroundings of the "Rocky Mountain Rallye” in style of the 60's state coaches, visitors can now explore the nature of the Rockies. The up until now "Tiroler Platz” - to date not very American – will, with new facades, turn into "Riverside” and the kiddie rides will move to Westernbahnhof. "Wellenflieger” as well, which is presented to the visitors in style of the American flag, might be considered as a symbol for the New American image.

The show program this year is oriented on the "Legenden des heiligen Waldes” (E: Legends of the holy forest) with the Indian hero "Tala Takenya”. "Bedrohung aus Deadwood” (E: Threat from Deadwood), "Bandidas – Showgirls of Deadwood” and "Verloren in Deadwood” (E: Lost in Deadwood) are 3 shows at hand for visitors, however, attention should be paid that the full show program can not be provided on all opening days.

FortFun: new logo - new image video

The investment volume amounts altogether to 750.000 Euro, aiming to make FortFun in the mountains of Sauerland even more attractive. Furthermore, in a 5 year concept plan, more innovations and investments are planned which are intended to accompany the park in a varying future.

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