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Tuesday, April 02, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Magazine and Amusement parks.

Raveleijn Reloaded!

Picture of the first version of "Raveleijn"
After modest success with the medieval park show Raveleijn, Efteling, the largest theme park in the Netherlands, will be staging a completely new version starting from 30th April, given that the older one was in need of a freshening up. Whilst 250.000 spring bloomers are going to turn the park into a romantic sea of flowers, Efteling's open-air arena is to be more exciting in future.

In cooperation with Puy du Fou, the French theme park and leading player in the field of park shows within Europe, the story of the magical city of Raveleijn will shine in a new light – or rather in the middle of the mediaeval setting with the same cast: horses, ravens and actors, adventurous stunts and surprising special effects consisting of water and fire.

Raveleijn is both the title of the show and the name of the magical city that is ruled by the cruel Count Olaf Grafhart and his five-headed, fire-spitting monstrous creature. The original story from 2011 remains the basis for the new show: five children are magically transformed into fully grown riders on horseback and join forces to save the medieval city from tyranny. However, some things desperately needed some tweaking. Efteling’s President and CEO, Bart de Boer, is delighted with the new show: "The partnership with Puy du Fou has been an unqualified success. The show is filled with pace, excitement and action. Visitors will not only see the magical gate but also the metamorphosis of the children into fully grown riders and much more. They will certainly appreciate the spectacle of actors, water and fire.”

Ravelijn is also the name of Efteling's multifunctional complex in medieval city design that has been featuring this gigantic open-air arena since 2011. Almost two million visitors have enjoyed the first version of the story written by the Dutch author Paul van Loon ever since. The corresponding book and a Dutch TV series made the city of Raveleijn and its story known to a wide audience in the Netherlands. The new performance is taking shape, and it is interesting to see whether or not the new version will be able to meet the high expectations right from the start.

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