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Ratatouille in Paris

Ratatouille © Disney
© Disney
Artwork of the new Darkrides
For years Disney fans could read in different internet blogs about a new darkride based on the Pixar movie "Ratatouille" coming to Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris – the first rumors appeared more than five years ago. But obviously plans were changing all the way in the French mouse kingdom, and the realisation of the attraction was put on hold again and again. Now the waiting is over: at last the rat ride will open in 2014.

"Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy” is the official name of the new ride, meaning "Raratouille: The crazy adventures of Remy" in English. The amount invested is rumored to extend 150 mio. Euro. Behind the Toy Story Playland you can just see a large building with a classic Parisean architecture facade representing the look of the 2007 animated movie very well. At first glance is might look strange to build a ride about "Ratatouille" - after all the story about a cooking rat was not that successful in the USA. On the other hand the film was a huge success in Europe and the merchandise is a good seller in the parks' shops.

So Walt Disney Studios Park gets a unique darkride which will be exclusive for Paris at the moment. It will feature vehicles with LPS technology (Local Positioning Satellite) allowing to move guests trackless in the building. This system was successfully used in Tokyo Disney's "Pooh's Honey Hunt" or in "Mystic Manor" at Disneyland Hong Kong.

© parkscout/MV

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