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 © LEGOLAND Billund
© LEGOLAND Billund

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Polar X-Plorers get thrilled

 © LEGOLAND Billund
© LEGOLAND Billund
Expedition to the polar circle
Cold times came to Danish Jutland: Snowy landscapes and real penguins found their home in LEGOLAND Billund. Main attraction of the new theme area "Polar Land” is the "Polar X-Plorer”, which opened at the end of April. The family-friendly amusement park launched the first roller coaster in ten years, which has a great surprise in store. And on top, it provides a world novelty!

Taking a seat in one of the snowmobile-themed cars, 16 brave explorers can start their trip through the polar world and climb up to 19 metres up in the air. Reaching the top of the lift hill, the riders can have a great view over the new theme area before going down again: Rushing with up to 65 km/h through curves and hills, the passengers will cross waterfalls and caves, facing polar bears, seals and other polar animals – all made out of Lego, as it is typical for the park – till the train stops in a snow-covered hill. But this is not the end of that journey, because suddenly something unforeseen happens, when sounds of breaking ice appear and the train drops five metres straight down to earth. For the first time, manufacture Zierer created a free-fall element for an entire train on a roller coaster worldwide with this surprisingly element.

Penguins meet Lego bricks

However, after this breath-taking sudden drop, there is time to relax: Passing a few more curves and small hills when getting out of the icy cave, the track takes slowly course close to the ground which allows a closer look at several Lego-models. Plenty details can be noticed before floating into the final break, where the explorers will get a chance to see real animals as well. As part of the new theme land, LEGOLAND gives home to 17 penguins as well, which can be observed through big picture-windows. The passengers will get a chance to take a glimpse at the flightless seabirds before ending their expedition in the station after nearly half a kilometre. This truly is a highlight at the end of this quite expeditious looking ride, which is, however, even suitable for children of a minimum height of 1,20 metres.

Covering 12,500 square metres, the snowy area with its over 751,000 Lego bricks cost about 75 million krone, which has marked the biggest investment of the Danish LEGOLAND so far. Besides the roller coaster, "Polar Land” offers the new Pizza&Pasta restaurant and an amphitheatre, both providing a more detailed look at the vivarium called "Penguin Bay” as well as the "Ice Pilots Schools”. If the roller coaster was not thrilling enough, the bravest can dare to take a flight in these Kuka-Robocoaster, formerly known as "Bionicle Power Builders”, or "Hero Factory”, which were re-themed and integrated in the new theme land, too.

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