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 © Paultons Family Theme Park
© Paultons Family Theme Park

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Paultons Family Theme Park

 © Paultons Family Theme Park
© Paultons Family Theme Park
Paultons Family Theme Park is located in the village of Ower, near Romsey, just 20 minutes by car off Southampton. Although it is not one of the big players on the British Island, it provides a varied range of attractions for all ages, e.g. roller coasters, countless thrill rides and an integrated bird park.

Opened in 1983, the family park originally only featured a large number of species of birds and animals as well as an adventure playground and a museum, but a few years after its launch, the attractions were expanded with a train ride station, trampolines, bumper boats, etc. The opening of its first roller coaster in 1993 constitutes an important step towards widening the attraction range, also the following years saw massive investments and extension in attractions including further water rides, family attractions and roller coasters.

Today, Paultons Family Theme Park features two log fume rides and a total of three roller coasters. "Cobra” is without a doubt the highlight of the park. Here we are talking about a Bobsled coaster inaugurated in 2006, that first reaches a height of 17 metres before thundering through tight curves and hair-raising drops. Furthermore, the range of family and thrill rides is supplemented by a kart circuit and a large water park, also animals can still be found. Besides domestic birds living in aviaries, visitors may observe tropical birds and even penguins.

 © Paultons Family Theme Park
© Paultons Family Theme Park
New in 2012: Magma
Since Easter 2011, children can frolic around to their heart's content as the park created the lovely place "Peppa Pig World” for them, named after a character of a little piglet famous for a British children's television series (in Germany known as Peppa Wutz). The whole area is based on the cartoon and provides an own adventurous indoor playground as well as various attractions aimed towards the little ones.

New in 2012: The ride on a volcano

After years of introducing fun family attractions, adrenaline junkies look forward to riding a brand-new thrill beast: the park launched the drop tower "Magma” at the start of this season. Embedded in a volcano, it erupts 25 metres into the clear sky above, spinning out of the smoke all the way up – it even plunges back down in this thrilling "spinning way”. That attraction also proves that Paultons Family Theme Park sticks with its target group: visitors from a height of 1.10 m and children ages 5 years and up (accompanied by a responsible adult) are allowed to enter the stomach churning ride. Therewith, the amusement park added another highlight for young and old.

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