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Parkscout introduces: The Theme park guy

Since parkscout isn't the only leisure park portal on the planet, and since plenty of other amusement park and roller coaster enthusiasts are still whirling through and around the English-speaking web universe in particular, we would like to introduce a loose succession of blogs and sites created by coaster fans.

The founder of themeparkguy.com, Stefan Zwanger, begins the series. He was born in Germany, and his passion for theme parks sparked at the age of ten. From early on he had the dream of constructing his own one-of-a-kind theme park. Although his dream has not yet come true, Stefan Zwanzger – currently in his early thirties – is free to do whatever he wants to do. Thus he lives in Dubai, London at one time or another, and travels throughout the world to visit various theme parks as "The Theme Park Guy” before he presents them accordingly by displaying pictures, videos and texts on his website. His ostentatious accessory and trademark is absolutely essential: the red hat with a mini roller coaster on top. In the following interview, Stefan Zwanzger answers all our questions.

 © Stefan Zwanzger / www.tpcboard.com
© Stefan Zwanzger / www.tpcboard.com
On his travels all around the world the Theme Park Guy provides a lot of humor...
Parkscout: You travel all around the world to visit different theme parks! How can you afford it?

Stefan Zwanzger: I had an affiliate marketing business before. But I didn't get that rich. I am just very flexible with my travels, fly during low season, and always economy!

Parkscout: How did you come up with the idea for your website?

Stefan Zwanzger: Like you guys I love theme parks. And how to study them better than seeing them all, or at least attempting to do so?

Parkscout: How many amusement parks have you already visited? And which one did you like most?

Stefan Zwanzger: Over 150 theme and water parks up until today. My favorite is Disney Sea in Tokyo! Its theming, composition of rides and attention to detail remain unbeaten for over 10 years.

Parkscout: What is your absolute favourite attraction?

Stefan Zwanzger: I have several ones: "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (Disney Sea), "The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man" (Universal Studios Orlando) and "Transformers The Ride-3D" (Universal Studios Hollywood). My favorite classic is "Disney's Big Thunder Mountain", particularly the version at Disneyland Paris.

 © Stefan Zwanzger / www.tpcboard.com
© Stefan Zwanzger / www.tpcboard.com
...and with his extraordinary hat he attracts not only the attention of the locals.
Parkscout: What was your most exciting or remarkable theme park experience?

Stefan Zwanzger: Cultural differences don't exist in rides. In a roller coaster, Americans and North Koreans act exactly the same.

Parkscout: What about this freaky red hat you always wear on your photos? And who created it?

Stefan Zwanzger: I sketched it and it then was built by a fantastic model maker from the Philippines working at a Jordanian-owned company, based in the United Arab Emirates.

Parkscout: What projects are you planning in future? What's new on your website?

Stefan Zwanzger: I love theme park construction updates, but can't be everywhere at the same time myself. Therefore I launched the Theme Park Construction Board (www.thethemeparkguy.com/board, or short www.tpcboard.com), where my local friends and everyone else can upload photos, videos and other construction-related news.

© parkscout/SN/AF

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