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Parkscout European Jury Award 2011/2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Parkscout European Jury Award 2011/2012

Thrill and excitement can be found in nearly 400 European amusements parks with more than 700 different rollercoasters. Two years ago Parkscout initiated the all-new "Parkscout International Jury Award" to savour the work of all those parks.

These awards will be rewarded by an international jury of eleven people representing the most important fan sites from Belgium and the Netherlands, the British European Coaster Club, the Austrian website Airtimers and the leading German fan sites onride.de and Freizeitparkweb. All members of the jury gave one to ten points for their favorite ten attractions and rides in each category which then were added to an overall result which is presented below:

parkscout european jury award
Winner: Efteling (Netherlands)

Best European Amusement Park 2011/2012

Fairy Tales are still up to date! The Dutch amusement park Efteling, retaining the power of fairy tales and mythical stories, is this years' winner. With its caring design of the attractions, a coherent master plan, a unique charme and all the investments made in the last few years, Efteling is the favorite park of the jury.

Winner: Efteling (Netherlands)
2nd: Europa-Park (Germany)
3rd: Disneyland Park (France)

parkscout european jury award
Winner: Black Mamba (Phantasialand)

Best European Rollercoaster 2011/2012

The "Black Mamba" at German Phantasialand combines the power a great rollercoaster with an amazing African-style setting and landscaping - that's why it is so unique and makes it the favorite of the jury.

Winner: Black Mamba (Phantasialand)
2nd: Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park)
3rd: Nemesis (Alton Towers)

parkscout european jury award
Winner: Tower of Terror (Walt Disney Studios Park)

Best European Ride 2011/2012

No other company has such a high quality of theming than Disney. The indoor free fall "Tower of Terror" at Walt Disney Studios Park in France is a great example of coherent story-telling, a family-friendly and nonetheless intense ride system and an overall presentation that is unique to whole Europe.

Winner: Tower of Terror (Walt Disney Studios)
2nd: Pirates o.t. Caribbean (Disneyland Park)
3rd: Fata Morgana (Efteling)

parkscout european jury award
Winner: Van Helsing's Factory (Movie Park Germany)

Best New European Ride 2011/2012

The new indoor rollercoaster of Movie Park Germany is a smash hit. With its multimedia effetcts, the nice themed scenery inside and an atmospherical storyline "Van Helsing's Factory" is a perfect addition to the parks ride portfolio.

Winner: Van Helsing's Factory (Movie Park)
2nd: Raptor (Gardaland)
3rd: Twister (Gröna Lund)

Congratulations to all winners of this year's Parkscout European Jury Awards!
The TOP3 votes of each member of the jury can be found here


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