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 © Silver Dollar City
© Silver Dollar City

Tuesday, October 02, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Magazine and Amusement parks.

Outlaw Run

 © Silver Dollar City
© Silver Dollar City
Layout of "Outlaw Run"
Inversions on steel coasters are common and they get more and more twisty these days. Turning the riders upside-down on a modern wooden coaster was just realized once in history: King's Island in Ohio had opened its "Son of Beast” in 2000 presenting the first vertical loop on a woody. Loosing it's iconic inversion in the 2006/2007 off-season due to several problems, the modified coaster operated only two years more and was standing but not operating since Summer of 2009. Right now, the wooden structure is being demolished.

No other amusement park ever dared to create a new scream machine like "Son of Beast” and it seemed like there will not be a wooden coaster that turns it's guests upside-down ever again. But – never say never! Silver Dollar City has just set the last piece of track of its new attraction for 2013 in place, creating something very astonishing. "Outlaw Run” will debut in Spring and definitely let the riders see the world the other way around.

 © Silver Dollar City
© Silver Dollar City
Exciting element: "Wave Turn"
The woody will feature a 50 metres high and 81 degree steep first drop, making it the steepest drop on a wooden coaster in the world. But this is literally just the beginning: On the trip through a woodland, the next breathtaking element will be an overbanked turn that will let riders hang down in a 153 degree angle. Many dips, double-dips and other elements, including a "wave turn” (as pictured), follow up till the train reaches the final: a double barrel roll.

So after all, Silver Dollar City dares to build a two (and a half) inversion wooden coaster. Therefore, they have chosen manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction, making it their first project designed from scratch ever. Rushing through the trees of the Missouri’s picture-perfect Ozark Mountains, the trains will reach a maximum speed of nearly 110 kilometres per hour, so when opening, Outlaw Run will be the world's second fastest wooden coaster and the only one to feature inversions.

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