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Speed - No Limits © Oakwood Theme Park
© Oakwood Theme Park

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Oakwood Theme Park

In the depths of Wales, surrounded by green meadows and old trees, a real treasure that opened in 1987 as Oakwood Leisure Park can be found. At that time operating as a family business, it was sold to the Spanish leisure company Aspro Ocio S.A. in 2008 and – nowadays known as Oakwood Theme Park – is deemed to be Wales' biggest tourist attraction as well as one of the ten biggest theme parks in the UK.

Megafobia © Oakwood Theme Park
© Oakwood Theme Park
Is rushing through the trees: "Megafobia"
The park does not stand out for its large amount of attractions, but offers rides at a truly a high level all the more, which do not have to hide to among the likes of them in Europe and worldwide. Why that? A handful of fancy and striking rides, which were record holders at the time of their opening very often, make it possible. It all started with smaller attractions, carefully integrated into the country, without doing great harm to the existing vegetation. That is the reason why even today the whole park looks idyllically and naturally.

The first step to get recognized as a leisure destination even outside of Wales was the installation of the log flume ride "Snake River Falls” in 1994, which was billed as Europe's largest water coaster when it opened. The following increase of visitor numbers pointed out quite clearly that the chosen way was the right one and therefore it was decided to present a real delicacy two years after. "Megafobia”, a piece of art of the former roller coaster manufacturers of Custom Coasters International is rushing over the area on its wooden structure ever since and is still one of the best wooden coasters in Europe.

Impressions of Oakwood Theme Park:
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  • Der Splash von Drenched<br />© Oakwood Theme Park
  • Megafobia<br />© Oakwood Theme Park
  • Bounce in der Dämmerung<br />© Oakwood Theme Park
  • Treetops Coaster<br />© Oakwood Theme Park
  • Megafobia<br />© Oakwood Theme Park
  • Speed - No Limits<br />© Oakwood Theme Park
  • Vertigo<br />© Oakwood Theme Park
  • Bobsleigh<br />© Oakwood Theme Park
  • Megafobia<br />© Oakwood Theme Park

The next highlight to be presented was the Intamin Mega Splash "Hydro” in 2002. The terrific feature: Riders fall down a nearly 80° drop from 40 metres height, before splashing into a water basin and creating a giant wave. The title Europe's largest water coaster again went to Oakwood and no one ever has left the ride not soaked till then. Meanwhile operating as "Drenched”, it is the only ride of its kind operating worldwide.

Drenched stimmungsvoll illuminiert © Oakwood Theme Park
© Oakwood Theme Park
Nicely illuminated in the evening: "Drenched"
But to prove that an even steeper drop is bringing joy as well, Oakwood opened "Speed – No Limits” in 2006. It was the first Eurofighter by German manufacturer Gerstlauer to open in the UK, having a 97° drop in store. No other roller coaster in Great Britain was steeper at this time. But adrenaline junkies will find even more ways to get their kick: A drop tower of 40 metres height named "Bounce” and the Sky Coaster "Vertigo” are two more thrill machines. But even the not so brave ones will find their pleasure, because two dark rides are waiting to be discovered. "Brer Rabbit's Burrow” is a groovy ride passing hip-hop rabbits, which celebrates wild parties and "Spooky 3D” is a ghost train, which takes its guests into another dimension. Even the small coaster fans can face an adventure: "Treetops Coaster” is taking spins through old firs and causes lots of fun even with its only eight metres of height!

Oakwood Theme Park is offering first-class roller coasters, breath taking water adventures, crazy dark rides and on top a very own, Welsh charm, which is primarily created by the rides nestling between beautiful nature. All that is reason enough to put up with the long ride into to deepest depths of UK's western parts.

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