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 © Holiday Park
© Holiday Park

Friday, August 30, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

New roller coaster for Holiday Park

 © Holiday Park
© Holiday Park
Traveling headfirst through the Heartline Roll
Holiday Park's spokeswoman had referred in passing to the construction of the new roller coaster for 2014 some time ago, then it was kept in the dark for a long time. When it almost fell into oblivion, the German amusement park officially announced its new attraction for the next season, and this is a great surprise.

Following the takeover of Holiday Park by the Belgian group Plopsa, the park has been scaling up its range of attractions for families with children ever since, including some themed to "Maya the Bee" or "Vicky the Viking". Now, it is about time to attract thrill seeking teenagers again. This will be done with a clone of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's roller coaster "Superman Ultimate Flight" – an onride video showing the steel beast from across the Atlantic in action reveals what visitors may expect.

An investment of eight million euros

Manufactured by Premier Rides, the original has been making the adrenaline level rise to the sky since 2012. Some of its features are the acceleration section where the trains gain a top speed of up to 100 kilometres per hour by moving forward and backward, the slow drive through a Heartline Roll standing almost 46 metres tall and a Non-Inverted Loop – the waiving of shoulder restrains adds to the thrill. The lapbars keep riders in their seats when they travel up to the peak and then headfirst through the course.

There has not been any indication as to the name and theme so far, but it is evident that the 2014 attraction will not be integrated into one of the areas designed for children. Holiday Park is spending eight million euros on its newest ride that will be the first Premier ride in Europe and will, together with "Expedition GeForce", be a good reason for thrill seekers to visit the park. The low capacity of the facility, that is sure to cause a certain degree of annoyance among waiting visitors, might be the only downer.

Onride Superman Ultimate Flight

© parkscout/MV/AF

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