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 © PlopsaParks
© PlopsaParks

Monday, June 11, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

New adventures at the Holiday Park

Since 1971 the Holiday Park in Hassloch, Germany, opens its gates yearly to offer the guests a day full of adventures. But with this year's opening fans might hardly recognize the venerable amusement park. The reason is an all-new-themed entrance area with many detailed buildings, shops and snack bars. However, that is not all: an entirely new designed kids-land is waiting for the little ones to be explored and causes a lot of surprises.

 © PlopsaParks
© PlopsaParks
Maja provides for good mood
The new owner of the park, the theme park group Plopsa, which is part of the especially in the Benelux well known film-studio "Studio 100”, bought up the Holiday Park in the end of 2010 and has invested nine million Euro this year to create a brand new image and look of the destination in the Palatinate. Right now, last works on the theming of the entrance buildings and the last year's new attraction "Platz der Fontänen”, a water playground with many fountains, are taking place. New food stalls, souvenir shops and a Holiday-Park-museum already found their way into the numerous houses, which shape the new promenade right into the centre of the park. Even the entrance area is a visual highlight: on the brink of the place the ticket stalls are located, while fountains, bridges and benches invite for a rest and bewitch the visitors right at the start of an adventurous day.

Fun for the little ones: Majaland

With the new ownership new characters were introduced as well. Now guests can not only meet the well-known, green bird "Holly” ,but also "Tabaluga”, "Wickie” and "Biene Maja”, which are all famous cartoons throughout Germany. Biene Maya, an adventuresome bee, and its friends actually found their home in Majaland, this year's new theme-area for kids. Eleven attractions are integrated between lager-than-life flowers in imaginative landscapes providing a bunch full of fun for the youngest visitors. Every child can find a great adventure when riding the different flat-rides and for those who are willing to experience some more thrills, may ride a drop tower designed for children.

Blumenturm im Holiday Park © PlopsaParks
© PlopsaParks
Free fall fun for the whole family: The flower tower
In the course of this summer, more attractions will be opened, for example a kind of a twisting swingboat or "Majas Blütensplash”. Here the riders can become little bees when having a seat in one of the gondolas, which look like huge calyxes. rising up into the air. Maja and her friend Willi also intonate their own song which was composed exclusively for this ride and so the trip becomes a very special adventure for everyone – even the ones who do not dare to take a ride. A welcomed cooling-down on hot summer days will be the new water playground in shape of a giant bucket with many openings, where the chilling wet will splash out and drench everyone. With its many shiny colours and the famous figures the new Majaland lets children's hearts beat faster and even adults can get captured by this visionary world.

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