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Abendöffnung im Toverland

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Midsummer Nights at Toverland

Abendöffnung im Toverland
River rafting ride in wonderful surroundings
Just across the German border there is a first-class amusement park in the Netherlands. This one has turned from an indoor park for kids into a giant theme park for the whole family in the course of the last few years: Toverland has outperformed its internationally more well-known competitor Efteling in some points already.

Especially the new area Magical Valley, which opened a few months ago as can be learned from a previous parkscout article, gave the range of attractions a new drive. The whole area has meanwhile been fully planted. Natural stone, wood and purple lavender in combination with an atmospheric soundtrack and a lovingly theme-designed master piece seeks its equal in the Netherlands. The river rafting ride in particular definitely scores with its flora and design, a setting which was incomplete on the opening day. It is not only that the ride has already proved to be one of the best of its kind in Europe – now it is even one of the most beautiful in the continent.

Another highlight to be found in Magical Valley is the spinning roller coaster Dwervelwind: Each ride is different for its wagons wind their way freely rotating, more or less to the on-board sound system that adds some more magic – this ride is just fun, right from the start! Such attention to detail paired with the focus on atmospheric design is not new to Toverland: When the huge wooden coaster Troy opened in 2007, revealing the entire look of the section themed to the story of the Trojan horse, each and every doubter was convinced that the park puts great emphasis on theming.

Impressions of the Midsummer Nights at Toverland

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  • Abendöffnung im Toverland<br />
  • Abendöffnung im Toverland<br />
  • Abendöffnung im Toverland<br />
  • Abendöffnung im Toverland<br />
  • Abendöffnung im Toverland<br />
  • Abendöffnung im Toverland<br />
  • Abendöffnung im Toverland<br />

But let's move on to the actual reason for this article: Toverland presents its Midsummer Nights up to and including 14th August, i.e. that the park remains open Wednesdays until 11 p.m. during that period. We were anxious to know to what extend the special programme would keep the promise of spreading tropical feelings. The second we entered the parking lot, we knew that we were obviously not the only ones willing to satisfy curiosity, but in view of the high capacities, this was not a problem at all – as a matter of fact, the waiting time at the main attractions did not exceed 15 minutes.

Abendöffnung im Toverland
The fountain show Magic by Night

What a splendid final show!

The afternoon and evening turned out to be surprisingly relaxed – leaving no room for comparison to Efteling's Seven Miles Summer where visitors are crowded into the most important places (a hell for claustrophobics). Instead, during our visit to Toverland we saw easy-going folks gathering everywhere in the spacious pitches or outdoor paths where they calmly savoured the flavour of a tasty cocktail, whereas others were simply enjoying the nice weather. The Magical Valley provided an entertaining programme in the evening with a Caribbean brass band, Limbo dance and hula hoop performances, while some guests took a seat on the restaurant terrace from which they were listening to the music and marvelling at the splendour of the lavender in bloom or watching children playing in the water playground. Katara Plaza, the square where the restaurant terrace is situated, is by the way a great place to view the fountain show Magic by Night starting from 10:30 p.m. This really was a splendid final show for one Midsummer Night.

Toverland in general is a very rewarding family destination with an excellent price/performance ratio of merely 23.50 €. The range of attractions is superb and the Midsummer Nights is another reason to visit the extremely atmospheric Dutch theme park. Its name hits the right note – Toverland means as much as Magicland. With this in mind, just let the magic invade your senses!

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