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Monday, February 25, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Magazine and Amusement parks.

Madagascar arrives at Heide Park

Madagascar © Heide Park Resort
© Heide Park Resort
When a computer-animated comedy film mints around 750 million US dollars worldwide, it can safely be regarded as a huge hit at the box office. When an amusement park in Germany acquires the corresponding film licence, it can safely be regarded as good investment for attracting more and more potential visitors.

The Heide Park Resort in Soltau, in the German state of Lower Saxony, today has unexpectedly announced that Alex the lion, Gloria the hippo, King Julien the ruler of the lemurs and the cheeky penguins, known from the DreamWorks Animation's hit film "Madagascar”, will paint northern Germany's biggest amusement park red from 23rd March 2013 with the brand-new family show "Madagascar LIVE – It's Circus Time”. This is where the popular characters hide out in a travelling circus and manage to motivate the troupe of circus animals with new ideas. Particularly the third episode of the series "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted” was a huge success in German cinemas because the plot tells an adventurous journey through Europe. Visitors to Heide Park may experience the Madagascar characters struggling to get home to New York after arriving in the "Old World”. Up to three times a day, "Madagascar LIVE – It's Circus Time” will draw young and old alike to the circus tent in the middle of the park.

According to the park's website, the result of the performance is a brilliant spectacle of first-class acting, unique illusions, thrilling acrobatics, touching scenes and witty dialogue. The question of whether or not the new licence suits Heide Park's existing range of attractions is entirely irrelevant. It is reasonably expected that the 30 minute show will tap completely new target groups that have been out of reach so far. Perhaps Heide Park has tasted blood, and this coup might be considered as the beginning of cooperating with major brands more often in future.

© parkscout/MV/AF

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