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 © Liseberg, Fotograf: Stefan Karlberg
© Liseberg, Fotograf: Stefan Karlberg

Friday, June 15, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Liseberg's new attractions

Thinking about Sweden, endless forests, IKEA and the pop group ABBA are the first things that come to many people's mind . But fans of amusement parks will also find a worthy destination in Scandinavia: Liseberg, the one that attracts guests from all around the world with its interesting rides and events.

Die Holzachterbahn "Balder" © Liseberg, Fotograf: Stig Kälvelid
© Liseberg, Fotograf: Stig Kälvelid
The wooden coaster "Balder"

Nostalgia and adrenaline

Opened in 1923 in the centre of Gothenburg, the amusement park is one of the biggest in Northern Europe, counting up to 3 million visitors annually. People loving old-fashioned classics will get their money's worth as well as fans of modern thrills. The oldest roller coaster in the park is the "Lisebergbanan”, dealt as a masterpiece of curved steel, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Constructed by German coaster manufacturer Anton Schwarzkopf in collaboration with the world-famous company Stengel Engineering, it still takes its courses on the eponymous Liseberg and is using the topographical characteristics perfectly. The train is winding down the slopes, racing trough the trees and crossing footpaths and other attractions again and again. This is one of the favourites of so many coaster enthusiasts.

Appearing nostalgic as well, "Balder” is a 36 metres high wooden colossus, but its look deludes, because it is built with the newest technology of coaster construction. Reaching a speed of up to 90 km/h the riders rush through the intertwined woodwork. And that this work honoured by the fans: For that reasons the roller coaster has twice been voted "best wooden coaster” since its opening in 2003. In almost the same manner thrill takes place just few steps away on "Kanonen”. On its 440 metres long, blue steel track, the trains get accelerated from 0 to 75 km/h minute-by-minute and twist through curves, hills and two inversions. But there is not much time to take a breath on this 50 seconds lasting blast though and it is not quite clear, if breathing will be possible on "AtmosFear” neither. In this free fall tower, opened in 2011, it definitely will get airy, but with a drop of 90 metres, there will probably be more screaming than breathing. This terrifying drop with speeds up to 100 km/h makes it the tallest drop tower in Europe.

 © Liseberg, Fotograf: Stefan Karlberg
© Liseberg, Fotograf: Stefan Karlberg
The renewed attraction "JukeBox"

Novelties in 2012

If you want to have a peaceful view over Gothenburg you rather might take a ride on this year's new attraction, a 60 metre high Ferris wheel, located just behind the entrance gates of the park, which formally invited guests at the harbour for a ride. But this is just one of the improvements in this season, which cost about 15 million Euro. With "JukeBox” Liseberg is offering a new model of the Gerstlauer Polyp in the style of rock 'n' roll, where the gondolas, themed to typical American cars of the 50's, spin and whirl around a Juke Box, which is placed in the middle of the ride. Admittedly, this "new” ride is only replacing an older model of the same design, which was located at the same place. Besides the new 3D-movie "Sammy & Ray”, where guests will experience the adventures of a turtle, a boat tour for kids will be opened in this summer additionally. Here the park is cooperating with a local ferry company, which will sponsor personalised certificates for the brave seamen, which can navigate their boats by themselves. The theming of this attraction will be inspired by Gothenburg's harbours and the many isles located offshore.

The park's ride portfolio is supplemented by various other attractions, beginning with white-water and thrill rides, but also a great amount of family-friendly ones. A special must-see is the "Spökhotellet Gasten": In this horror house, opened all season long, dark guises and bloody hotel residents strike terror into people's hearts. One thing that might seem strangely to some European guests could be the pricing. Either you choose the option to enter the area for 90 krona and pay for each ride separately with the so called "Ride Coupons”, whereupon one of theses costs 20 krona extra and up to four are needed to enter a ride. Or you decide in favour of the All-In-One ticket at a price of 375 krona for adults, which is definitely worth to buy, because you get unlimited access to all of the diversified attractions and rides as well as the events and concerts taking place. The only exception is the horror house, which has to be paid with another 40 krona.

© parkscout/AM

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