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 © LEGOLAND® Malaysia
© LEGOLAND® Malaysia

Thursday, September 13, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia

Opening next weekend on 15th September, LEGOLAND® Malaysia will be the first theme park which is dedicated to the world of the colourful bricks in Asia. It is the world's sixth LEGOLAND® Park, following the destinations in Denmark, Great Britain, Germany and the USA where two parks operate, one in California and one in Florida.

 © LEGOLAND® Malaysia
© LEGOLAND® Malaysia
Tight curves and sudden drops on "Project X"
Guests can explore the following seven theme areas: The Beginning, LEGO® Technic, LEGO® Kimgdom, Imagination, Land of Adventure, Miniland and LEGO® City. Located in the centre of the park, the Miniland displays several models of Asian monuments and landmarks, all built totally of the world famous-bricks in a scale of 1:20, using more than 30 million of them. Many of them are interactive, and so is the whole park, where guests can push, pedal or program on several attractions.

Among the more than 40 rides there are three roller coasters to explore. The first one, "Project X”, is a Wild Mouse with LEGO® Technic styled cars designed by Mack Rides. The remaining two coasters can be found in the area dedicated to the world of the knights. "Dragon” will take the guest onto a journey through a castle with many scenes displaying the life of damsels, jugglers and kings before leaving the building, climbing up into the air and rushing through a wild coaster part back to the station. The other one, "Dragon's Apprentice”, is a smaller coaster designed for those, who do not dare to conquer the bigger brother yet.

 © LEGOLAND® Malaysia
© LEGOLAND® Malaysia
"Dragon" takes riders through a castle
But there are more adventures waiting for the guests, for example a log flume ride on which riders can explore the adventures of the jungle, or a 50 metres tall Gyro Tower, which provides a great look at the whole park. Kids become active on the towers built by manufacturer Heege, where a rope has to bee pulled to climb up in the air. Something unique in all LEGOLAND® parks will be the special prayer rooms for the visitors, so that even the cultural and religious aspects of Asia are respected.

The park of an area of about 30 hectares is located in Johor Bahru in the development area Iskandar Malaysia. Within the next years, the whole district will be turned into an internationally recognised metropolis. As part of it, LEGOLAND® Malaysia will be – as the first park of this brand – opened the whole year and is due to attract 1.2 million guests annually. With a total investment of 230 million USD, Merlin Entertainments and Iskandar Investments Berhad, the two investors of the project, plan to expand the park into a resort within the next years: A LEGO® water park is set to open in spring 2013, while an brand new hotel will complete the actual plans in 2014.

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