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Silver Bullet © Knott's Berry Farm
© Knott's Berry Farm

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Magazine and Amusement parks.

Knott's Berry Farm

Ghost Town © Knott's Berry Farm
© Knott's Berry Farm
The origins: "Ghost Town"
How does cultivating berries and creating one scream machine after the other go well together? It is quite simple, following the example of Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. In the early 1920's, berry expert Walter Knott began selling his tasty fruits at a roadside stand along State Route 39. Being the first to cultivate boysenberries with commercial success in the 30's, Knott's business began to boom so that additionally, his wife opened a restaurant, selling chicken meals and self-made boysenberry cakes. Very soon visitors had to wait for a table at the restaurant – and the first entertainment programs arose.

In 1940, by adding "Ghost Town", a replica of an abandoned city featuring buildings of real western houses instead of any backdrops, the beginning of the present-day theme park is marked. Several other attractions followed up – as well as one serious competitor just a few blocks away: Disney. But Walter Knott has not been distressed by Disney's land of fantasy and kept investing, expanding and developing his own leisure destination. Since 1968, the area is fenced and an admission fee is charged: The amusement park Knott's Berry Farm – as we know it today – was fully established.

Impressions of Knott's Berry Farm
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  • Sky Cabin & Boomerang<br />© Knott's Berry Farm
  • La Revolución<br />
  • Timber Mountain Log Ride<br />© Knott's Berry Farm
  • Ghostrider<br />© Knott's Berry Farm
  • Riptide<br />© Knott's Berry Farm
  • Sierra Sidewinder<br />© Knott's Berry Farm
  • Timberline Twister<br />© Knott's Berry Farm
  • Wave Swinger<br />© Knott's Berry Farm
  • Xcelerator<br />© Knott's Berry Farm

Today, Knott's Berry farm no longer is a family business. After the founders died in the 1990's, their children decided to sell the park. Even Disney was among the interested companies, dreaming of a second park close by their famous Disneyland, but the Knott family refused to sell the park to them. Instead they chose the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company to operate their amusement park and picked another company for their food business.

Concept Art 2013 © Knott's Berry Farm
© Knott's Berry Farm
New for 2013: "Coast Rider"
Since the acquisition by Cedar Fair, several new rides and coasters have been added to the portfolio. This winter, the 10th coaster will be installed: A Wild Mouse manufactured by Mack, called "Coast Rider". This ride will perfectly fit into the park with its various thrills – both, its classic and modern high-tech constructions. Coaster fans can find among them the Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop "Montezooma's Revenge", one of the last five operating models worldwide. But there are two more, modern interpretations of a launch coaster: "Pony Express", a Zamperla MotoCoaster, and the prototype of Intamin's Acceleration Coasters "Xcelerator". Other remarkable coasters are the Spinning Coaster "Sierra Sidewinder" manufactured by Mack, as well as the B&M's Inverted Coaster "Silver Bullet", and the CCI woodie "Ghost Rider".

Highlights throughout the season are the Halloween and Christmas specials. Converting into "Knott's Scary Farm" or respectively into "Knott's Merry Farm", the park gets a festive and atmospheric decoration as well as exclusive attractions and shows at these festivals. Operating throughout the whole year, it attracts more than 3.5 milllion guests yearly, making it the most visited park of the Cedar Fair Group.

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