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Friday, January 18, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Jet Boat Ride at Lake Garda

 © Canevaworld
© Canevaworld
Construction of the new attraction
The Italian Movieland Studios at Lake Garda are neither among the biggest nor best known European amusement parks. However, for the past ten years the fun park in the shadows of one of the country's most popular tourist destinations has been delighting just about every visitor with exuberant originality and one-of-a-kind attractions.

Despite of rumours saying that Movieland closes down due to declining attendance, perhaps one of the most interesting innovations of the year is coming into being in the Italian theme park: a Jet Boat Ride taking Rambo's giant water surface, where he shows his stunts, and the backstage area. To estimate what can be expected, it is best to cast a brief look at "Magma 2”, a cardiac-crazy ride on a lorry platform through a catastrophe scenario (probably for the German association for technical inspection in particular). Along the rail-free course, that every now and then includes a fairly high slope, visitors experience a fast, wet and bumpy ride. By the way, safety belts are not included. Staff members drive the lorries – thrills beyond the ordinary.

Bearing these characteristics in mind, one can expect a similar proportion of thrill level form the Jet Boat Ride – after all, it will be driven by an engine power of 600 HP. This adventurous ride takes roughly three minutes, and boasts with various special effects and a small indoor part. Within the course of this year, it is going to become more and more known what the experienced jet ski drivers will precisely do with the speed boats, and to what extent the new attraction will be integrated into a, possible film, theme. When taking a look at Movieland Studio's remaining portfolio, one thing is certain: It will again be an attraction that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe ...

Capability of the boats

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