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Achterbahn in Farup Sommerland © Farup Sommerland
© Farup Sommerland

Friday, August 17, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Hurricane's coming

Orkanen © Farup Sommerland
© Farup Sommerland
Artwork "Orkanen"
Located in Nordjylland, Farup Sommerland is always good for a surprise. Thus, the rather family-oriented amusement park just announced that visitors may expect Vekoma's newest roller coaster named "Orkanen”, the Danish word for hurricane, in the upcoming season 2013.

It will constitute a variant of the popular suspended coasters built by the Dutch roller coaster manufacturer. "Jimmy Neutron” at Movie Park Germany is one of the designer's works of this kind. However, the Danish hurricane "Orkanen” is a taller and faster version reaching a total length of 453 metres at a maximum speed of 75 kilometres per hour, thundering a bit more thrilling through the course than the kiddie coaster at the German theme park based on films. When watching Farup Sommerland's promo video, it is clearly visible that the track of the ride placed above a lake also runs below the ground, as it were, through the water.

Simulation of the new roller coaster "Orkanen" in Farup Sommerland

© parkscout/MV/AF

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