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Huracan © Bellewaerde Park
© Bellewaerde Park

Friday, December 07, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Huracan in Belgium

Huracan © Bellewaerde Park
© Bellewaerde Park
First artwork of Huracan
The Belgian theme park Bellewaerde Park near the French boarder has quite something in store for its fans: In the upcoming season it will launch a new indoor coaster, replacing the ageing theme ride Los Pirates. Although this clone of "Pirates of the Caribbean” has been among the best of its kind, the dark ride's overall condition led to the conclusion that it has seen better days.

That is to say, as from 2013 there are Mayas bustling around in Bellewaerde's Mexican theme area, instead of pirates, as can be seen from first published artworks. Named after the Mayan god of wind, fire and storm, Huracan is built by the Bavarian company ZIERER Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmBH, and reduced the Belgian park's budget by four million euros. The new family attraction is said to reach a top speed of 50 kilometres per hour on its way through a course of 500 metres in lengths and 15 metres in height. The ride will also include an outdoor passage and start with a dark ride section with special effects which incorporate wind, fire, fog, water and laser, indicating the opulent theme of its indoor section.

Shaped as a double-headed snake, Huracan will incorporate two trains each containing ten wagons in conjunction with an onboard sound system, in order to contribute to an atmosphere of the lost world of the Mayas. According to Bellewaerde, a two minute ride duration and g-forces of up to 4 is certainly to be expected. Quite thrilling for a family coaster! It remains to be seen at what level of quality the Temple of Maya, in which the ride is suppose to start, and its inner workings will operate, but the investment sum allows much scope for a nice and matching theme. And who knows – perhaps there will be a huge surprise in store for us, next spring in Belgium...

© parkscout/MV/AF

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