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Hotel Bell Rock

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Hotel Bell Rock

Hotel Bell Rock
The lighthouse as the hotel's landmark
The vast majority of theme parks has own hotel facilities these days – demands for staying for a couple of days and business events has risen exorbitantly in the course of the last few years. These demands can only be met by suitable accommodation offers.

In 1995, Europa-Park was the first German theme park to venture an own 4-star-theme hotel built in the typical Spanish style. Owing to the lack of experience, it was a difficult-to-asses business risk. Already in those days, roughly 2.5 million people visited the country's largest theme park. It is for this reason that the owner family Mack primarily expected to welcome more and more visitors outside the catchment area to stay for several days by having "El Andaluz” in store for them.

The business risk paid off – the hotel was fully booked shortly after opening. It became clear that the chosen path had been the right one. After building "Castillo Alcazar” in 1999, "Colosseo” in 2004 and "Santa Isabel” in 2007, the resort's fifth hotel "Bell Rock” is themed to New England and was opened in summer 2012.

The building ensemble stands on a few thousand square metre surface and comprises a white-washed, five-storey main house with giant, richly decorated pillars as well as five adjacent classic colonial houses in wooden look, all named after one New England state each, and a 35 metres high red-white striped lighthouse and an artificial lake. Although the second biggest hotel of the resort with 190 rooms and 35 suits is situated on the opposite riverbank of Elz, and thus pretty close to the residential and office buildings of the city of Rust, Europa-Park is within quick and easy reach by foot.

Shakers and Shabby Chic

 © Europa-Park
© Europa-Park
Lighthousesuite "Jefferson"
"Bell Rock” is characterised by Shaker furniture – a distinctive style of furniture developed by the extinct religious sect called United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing – placed in the lobby and hotel corridors without elaborate decorations and ornaments for the most part, so as not to divert attention from work and prayers. The focus lies on the functionality of the furniture. The puristic looking rooms are optically adapted to this theme, and are inspired by Shabby Chic, a form of interior design where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. Blue-white striped wallpapers and a light wooden panelling provide maritime atmosphere, whereas big flatscreens, WLAN and air conditioning provide the necessary comfort.

The lighthouse gave the hotel its name. It is equipped with six tower suits that pick up typical details of various English colonies and contemporary personalities such as Sir Francis Drake or Horatio Nelson. Furnished with sauna and whirlpool, the upper areas consist of two floors from which guests can enjoy a marvellous 360° view covering the Black Forest in the north, Breisgau lying south and the Vosges mountains Mountains in eastern France. Moreover, the hotel has three restaurants: "Haborside” a buffet restaurant with a front cooking area, "Captain's Finest” an à la carte restaurant and "Ammolite”a lighthouse restaurant with upscale cuisine. Little snacks and drinks are served at "Spirit of St. Louis Bar”, a bow to the great aeronautical pioneer Charles Lindbergh.

Indian Summer in Rust

Particular attention is given to the design of the outside area. Besides a giant pool and an artificial lake with terraces, wave pool and a water show, the creation of New England's "Indian Summer” turned out to be a huge challenge for Europa-Park's gardening staff. The expression refers to the intensive scarlet red colouring of leaves in North American forest in late autumn. In Rust they resort to sugar maple whose leaves change their colours from green to yellow, orange, red and deep violet in late summer. A total of two kilometres of hedges, forty large trees, eighty alley trees and around 20,000 seasonal blossoming plants adorn around three hectares of the hotel complex – a scenery that invites to take an evening walk after spending an exciting day at Europa-Park.

© parkscout/MV/AF

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