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Homemade roller coaster

The one or the other coaster enthusiast surely dreams of having an own backyard roller coaster – unfortunately the necessary wherewithal is normally missing. The solution is obvious: Grab tools and become creative! At least you can do so when you're lucky enough to live in a country were neither a building nor operating permission nor any other legal block may prevent you from building such a thing in your own private property.

The probably best known homemade roller coaster is located north of Vincennes in the US state of Indiana. This is the place where John Ivers fulfilled his childhood dream more than ten years ago. He constructed "Blue Flash” in his backyard, a coaster made of steel that even features a small loop. This ride has not only gained popularity by numerous media reports in the USA, but also by the fact that Ivers arranges appointments with fans upon request allowing them to take a ride on his creation as well – in Germany a virtual impossibility. By now there is another roller coaster "Blue Two” on his property which is rather aimed at children.

Blue Flash

Those who prefer the wooden kind should take a look at Jeremy Reid's "Oklahoma Land Run”. This classic out and back woodie is around 444 ft (135 m) in length and 17 ft (5 m) in height. At an investment cost of just UD$10,000 spent on wood and nails, Reid decorated his property with a real gem which has received great attention over the years.

Oklahoma Land Run

Even toddlers can have a blast in American backyards. How much fun and adventure they can experience proves a video shot in Ohio that shows an impressive homemade kiddie coaster made of PVC with a height of almost 13 ft (4 m) and a total length of 137 ft (42 m). It reminds a bit of the one or the other professional roller coaster exclusively designed for children – in a manner of speaking, the only thing missing is a motor-driven chain lift.

Kiddie ride made of PVC

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