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Der Freizeitpark Holiday Park in Haßloch

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Holiday Park's new attractions in 2013

The interactive merry-go-round "Majas Blütensplash”
As a matter of fact, there are many good reasons to visit Holiday Park in 2013: the large amusement park in Germany's Palatinate region has a wide range of fun attractions and shows in store for the whole family. The transformation from an amusement park to a theme park is scheduled to be completed step by step within the next few years. The Belgian operator Plopsa has been investing 25 million Euros from 2011 until 2016 in this project.

A fairy tale-like entrance guides to the kingdom of imagination. Alongside the marvellous promenade, consisting of amongst others a colourful row of houses, visitors enjoy the magical world of Maya the Bee and her friends who found their new home there in summer 2012. The motley theme area "Majaland” provides eleven exciting attractions for the youngest guests. Just in time for the start of this season, the "Maja Restaurant” was launched. It looks like a giant tree trunk, that is to be entered through its roots, and huge sunflowers stretch up into the sky in front of it. Moreover, Maya and her friend Flip the grasshopper don't wish to miss out on giving their guests a warm welcome at a nice Meet & Greet occasion in person.

But this is far from all: In order to prepare "Maja's Birthday Party” for the new show, the children give Maya's friends a hand in setting up the perfect party jointly, whereas the fascinating "Lady Fakir Show” takes the audience into an exotic word full of fire, dance interludes and reptiles. However, tame animals know how to entertain, too. Dogs, cats and chickens enthuse the young and old alike and give the funny pet show "Festival der Tiere” a special touch. Europe's only water stunt show is sure to remain Holiday Park's number-one performance with this year's production "take one, action…Hollywood Spectacular”. Stars and starlets of the dream factory show breathtaking stunts and acrobatics. Last but not least, the female collie dog "Lassie” and the little green dragon "Tabaluga” are the guests of honour in 2013.

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