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World of Color © Disney
© Disney

Thursday, August 09, 2012 | This article is listed in the sections Amusement parks and Magazine.

Glow with the Show

World of Color © Disney
© Disney
Shiny ears at "World of Color"
The interactivity that visitors to Disney Parks appreciate is a big deal – always has been, always will be. Meet and greet with Disney characters, interactive dark rides and Cast Members acting with visitors have been one of the principle features of the parks for an eternity. The Californian Disneyland is the first destination to debut "Glow with the Show Mickey Ears”.

The little hats with the most popular ears in the world cost $25 (around €20) and conceals the latest technology enabling visitors to become part of the show at times. Inside the Ears there are LEDs and infrared technology installed which are needed to centrally synchronize each pair of the Mickey Mouse Ears on the basis of an unique serial number. The Glow with the Show Ears are mainly intended for the nighttime spectacular "World of Color”. Throughout the show, they become a set of pixels that dance and play along with each sequence in a bright and dynamic way. This technology brings an absolute added value – at least when sufficient visitors sitting in the front and middle rows wear these little hats. The whole area around "World of Color” is divided into approximately 40 different zones which are controlled individually in the background.

The shiny Ears are also real eye-catchers when appearing in other attractions at Disney California Adventure. When these little Mickey Mouse ear hats glow along with the paper lanterns at the "Mad Tea Party”, guests will literally become part of the theme. Of course it is to be assumed that all this is going to constitute the first step towards a lengthy development phase. It is imaginable to integrate, for instance, motion sensors inside the Ears for the future. Using this technique, visitors will be able to control the lighting program. However, this requires that a certain amount of the audience buys these technical marvels because only a minimum of a certain amount make the impressive effect possible.

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